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  1. DrLeslieEe

    Ang thong Masquerade: A Tale of Mistaken Identity

    Recently, it has come to light that my plant, for whom I thought was a niveum album, was exposed as an ang thong, an accepted variety of godefroyae. This shocked me. The reason were because the leaves were long, wider and bent downwards (unlike niveum, which are upwards, thin and shorter) and...
  2. FlaskandFlora

    Paph. Moorei alba

    Hi all, Here’s an interesting primary hybrid to brighten your day: Paph. Moorei alba. Now don’t come after me about the nomenclature issue, but it’s made with ang-thong alba and a green tonsum as the parents. It’s pretty much the longest lasting Paph flower I’ve had bloom (Feb 2nd through May...