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  1. Ernesto

    National Orchid Day Display

    For National Orchid Day I attempted to make a display in my bedroom with all the slipper orchids I have in bloom right now 🤪 from left to right: Phrag. longifolium var. album, Paph. Deperle (delenatii fma. Dunkel x primulinum fma. purpaurascens), Paph. niveum var. album, Phrag. Columbianum...
  2. Ernesto

    Phrag. x roethianum? Phrag. Rio Mira?

    How does one differentiate between these two hybrids of P. hirtzii and P. longifolium? P. x roethianum occurs naturally, so does that mean only plants descending from wild populations can be called P. x roethianum? And plants with a P. hirtzii parent and a P. longifolium parent bred in captivity...