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  1. J

    large offering of paphs

    Chuck Acker has just put up a large offering of paphs divisions, larger plants . . .. . oh my . .
  2. J

    Oldies are back

    I notice Chuck Acker has remakes now of oldies and goodies that are harder to find. My last purchase of flask 557 was the best I've received !
  3. J

    I spy with my bloodshot eye: a sale

    I see paph price reductions on Chuck Acker's list for flasks. Don't miss them:drool: site: Flasks by Chuck Acker
  4. J

    flask updated list

    Chuck Acker listed some new paphs a few days ago. :clap:
  5. J


    Check out Chuck Acker's new division list. Oh my . . .
  6. J

    Deal of the Day

    Chuck Acker has some of his phlaskies half off I see- just the ones that are "ready". Some won't take up much room. Oh my, get to the feeding frenzy.That's a steal.
  7. J

    St. Phrag Stork

    Twas the night before Christmas On top of my Sealy (mattress). Not a creature was stirring, Not even a mealy. (thanks to systemics) The stocking were hung on the flourescents with care, In hope that the Phrag Stork would soon be there. My customers were nestled all snug in their beds...
  8. J


    Does anyone have sources for Growstones? It's the substitute for diatomite gravel I hear. Thanks! JJ
  9. J

    Dear Santa:

    I've been good. I would like (need)some new phraglings. Windy Hill has her new list posted. They need a good home and I have one. Jimmy
  10. J

    LED flat panel lighting question

    Is anyone using flat panel lighting to grow orchids? It maybe an option. I understand in 1-2 years metal halide and sodium bulbs will no longer be made. I grow in the basement with no natural light.
  11. J

    2 week window

    Carter and Holmes is now having a 25 percent off plants (non collections) - just through their website. If you an outside grower, fill some trees . . .
  12. J

    LED lights

    Is anyone out there growing under these? I can't believe what I'm reading what these will do. Youtube has videos too. You would recoup your costs shortly if you left HID lighting I grow solely under HID lights in the basement. Upstairs under light carts. Phrags, paphs, phals, aerangis...
  13. J

    treating rainwater

    Does anyone use small amounts of physan to treat rainwater? Muncipal water rates are getting higher and the RO water reduction lever needs replaced.. . therefore I switched to rainwater. How much physan can you treat 32 gallons of water? I don't need junglerot . . . junglejim