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    Redland Orchid Festival 2017

    Hi All, I live in Europe and I would like to attend redland Festival in May. I have a query in regards the USDA that will be on site to issue export permits. Are you limited to what vendors you can buy from? Do you have to remove all the potting medium yourself or is there someone there that...
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    Paph Rothschildianum query

    Hi All, I bought a nbs one from Sam Tsui when he was in london this time last year. It is a compact grower and for a first time bloomer, It has 2 relatively large flowers. It has 2 new growths starting and if firmly rooted in the pot. I have two queries. I have noticed what looks like brown...
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    Good Paph orchid mix

    Good Paph mix Thanks.I have another query. Here in Ireland, it is quite hard to get horticultural charcoal. You would have to get it fron england and shipping charges would make it quite expensive. Would a mix without the charcoal be okay?
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    Good Paph orchid mix

    Fine Mix Hi Thanks all for the information. What ratios of fine bark to perlite to charcoal do you use? I think this could be the reason that on some of my paphs, the root growth is not very good. I would assume that as this type of mix holds a bit more water, you would have to watch your...
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    Good Paph orchid mix

    Hi, I would like to get your opinion on what you feel would be a good bark mix for paphs, especially multiflorals. I grow in a greenhouse and the humidity is adequate. I am finding the mix I am currently using dries out too fast. I use medium bark and nothing else. Thanks.
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    Overwintering paphs in a greenhouse

    I would like to get peoples opinions. I live in Dublin, Ireland and grow mixed varieties of orchids in a 10' x 12' greenhouse that is heated to about 58F/14C in winter and lined with bubblewrap. This query is in regards my paphs/phrags. I am going away for 3 weeks in December. If I were to...
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    Problems growing mutiflorals

    Paphman, no I do not grow that particular cattleya, but I do grow lots of cattleyas with no problems. maxima,mossiae,purpurata. They grow and flower well. I can grow phrags with NP and I have quite a big one in a soda bottle.
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    Mark this date for Basket culture.

    Aquatic pots Hi, I am thinking about trying basket culture to see how I get on. I am in europe and baskets are not that easy to find, and are expensive, would the baskets you would put aquatic plants in, suffice
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    Problems growing mutiflorals

    Thanks all. I just thought it was me. I have gotten some insigne's from garden centres, with no problem. They flower every winter and on one I had 2 flowers on it. When I saw a post on this site about this issue, he gave a long reply and the 4 plants I received had the best roots I have ever...
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    Problems growing mutiflorals

    Hi all, I live in Dublin,Ireland. I have spoken to caper in the UK but I would like to get others opinions as there are a lot of well grown plants on this site. I have most problems with paph seedlings, especially multiflorals. I have bought plants from a well known paph vendor in the USA over...
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    K-lit after 6 months

    Where to buy KLite in Europe Hi all, This is slightly off topic but does anyone know where in Europe I could buy the KLite formula? I have read this thread and the article in March 2013 orchids magazine, and it does make sense. Some of it is over my head though. I have no issues growing...
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    Paph roots rotting

    I am having issues on some of my paphs with root rot. This mostly affects the multiflorals. I live in Dublin, Ireland and grow my orchids in a 10x12 foot greenhouse. I have potted them in medium, straight bark in pots that are just big enough for the roots. I water them when the pot starts...
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    Potting Medium

    Thanks everyone for your replies. Here in Ireland, it gets light from about 5 am to nearly midnight in the late spring/summer. It is not always sunny either as it tends to rain a lot. In the winter, the opposite happens, it doesn't get bright until 8 am and dark by 4:30 pm. I decided to...
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    Potting Medium

    Thanks Goldenrose. I think the problem is not enough water on the multis and they are drying too much. I am a bit afraid of watering too much and causing root rot. I will repot the multis into straight bark with just a little perlite. The pots are not that big, 3 or 4". I use rain water and...
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    Potting Medium

    Hi All, I live in Dublin, Ireland and I have been growing orchids for awhile. I was born in the US and grew orchids, esp. paphs under lights with no problem. After 17 years living in Ireland, I finally had a 10'x12' greenhouse built a few years ago. I have a mixed collection, paphs, a few...