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  1. Mike_B.

    Paph. Pascal Sauvêtre (Paph. glaucophyllum x Paph. helenae)

    Was looking to buy Paph. helenae this year but since they all seemed sold out for the foreseeable future, I decided to try this hybrid from Hausermann's in Chicago. Received it in April of 2020, repotted it, and it really took off; rewarding the effort with a flower already (plus two new growths...
  2. Mike_B.

    Six Paph. gratrixianum flowers in a 5 inch pot

    Moved this plant from the in-house Orchidarium to our cooler sun room under fluorescent lights last year (since it didn't seem to appreciate the higher daytime temps and blasted buds last year). Flowers seem smaller this year and pardon the lack of staking, etc., was interested to see how...
  3. Mike_B.

    Paph. Asteroid

    Best flowering ever for me (two flowers on 4 new growths). In my experience, Paph. Asteroid (Paph. Greyi x Paph. Conco-bellatulum) is a very resilient plant. It is in a 4 inch plastic pot with standard Paph mix I get from Quarter Acre Orchids. Main difference this past year was a little...
  4. Mike_B.

    Gang of Paph gratrixianum

    Here's a pic of this years blooming of my small pot of gratrixianum. I would have had 8 flowers except three blasted in my orchidarium due to heat (I presume). So moved them to my cooler sun room and they seem much happier now. Here is the link in Drop Box...
  5. Mike_B.

    Paph. delophyllum?

    Seems like there isn't a single plant of this available in the US.... Anyone have a reasonable source? Thanks all, Mike Bechtold, Alexandria, VA
  6. Mike_B.

    Paph. gratrixianum

    Finally flowering, here is my plant of Paph. gratrixianum 'MC4992' x 'ToddB' from Troy Meyers Conservatory. \ Using Drop Box, see how this works :) Mike
  7. Mike_B.

    Is anytime a good time to re-pot paphs?

    My paph Asteroids have been in ther medium for a few years. they continue to grow like gang busters, but i'd like to re-pot them because it looks like the medium is breaking down. Is it ok to re-pot paphs regardless of growth stage (new growth, spike, in flower) or should I wait for flowers to...
  8. Mike_B.

    Appreciate joining the Slippertalk Forum

    Looking forward to seeing and learning more about slipper orchids. I've had a mixed collection of genera over the years with a few paphs here and there, but now finding them more interesting, a little less fussy and flowers last longer than many other types. Still like my encyclias! But Paphs...