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  1. Amadeus

    Paph. Lady Isabel 'White Tiger' x 'Charles E'

    I bought this plant in 2010 from a guy who had to downsize. Turns out he first repotted the plant in 1999. This is the plant's first bloom and it's probably around 20 years old. It's 'White Tiger' x 'Charles Edwards'. Looks like I'll be able to get 4 flowers out of it next time, hopefully it...
  2. Amadeus

    Phrag besseae?

    This is my friends. She bought it in bud and it is her first besseae. I tried to make her feel better by telling her, "it's probably very unique, and some people prefer that." It's a pure besseae, right?
  3. Amadeus

    roth. (Green Valley x Dou Fong)

    I can't take credit for blooming it, I bought it in low spike at the POE. I know it will never win any awards, but it's my first roth and I couldn't be happier with it. It was so much fun watching it open. The NS is only ~23cm, but I'm sure it would be bigger if grown ideally.
  4. Amadeus

    Cyp. fasciculatum

    My friend just got back from a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park and she saw quite a few of these along a trail. Most are still budding so if you want to go...
  5. Amadeus

    Take a guess, found in Santa Cruz Mountains

    I went orchid hunting this weekend (we only take photos and try not to trample anything) and found this isolated population growing on a cliff. I think I know what it is, but I believe some of you would enjoy guessing. I highly encourage anyone who hasn't yet tried looking for...
  6. Amadeus

    What's your favorite orchid photograph?

    I feel like this thread should already exist but I couldn't find one. Post your favorite orchid photo but be sure to give credit and/or a link to the photographer. The picture itself can be really good, or you can really just like the flower in the picture, or both. Here's mine, the...
  7. Amadeus

    Paph. St. Swithin

    phil x roth There are better ones out there but I'm very pleased with it, especially since it's a window plant. This is the second time it has bloomed this year. The petals look a lot longer in person.
  8. Amadeus

    Paph. anitum now available in Canada

    Just did a quick search for anitum and found that Forestview Gardens is selling them. Sorry if this is old news, and no, they don't ship to the US. Link to Forestview Gardens species list.
  9. Amadeus

    Paph. malipoense

    Paph malipoense 'DD's Nova x 'Andy's' First time blooming, grown indoors (warm and dry), fragrant.
  10. Amadeus

    Newest Carnivorous Plant Here's the first paragraph. It could require a re-imagining of The Day of the Triffids – scientists have discovered a new type of carnivorous plant that traps and devours its prey...
  11. Amadeus

    Poll of the week?

    I thought it might be nice to have a poll to respond to every week. I can guarantee that we will only have one every week if someone else remembers to start a new thread (Hint Hint). Please let me know if there are any errors in this poll or if you would like another option.
  12. Amadeus

    I need to vent

    So I have a friend who is in Taiwan for the next 16 months and I have tasked her with finding me a Paph. anitum flask. Today she emails me pictures of the local market and this is what I saw. I'm lucky to see one of these at my local orchid meeting, and I only see them for sale online or...