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  1. JawDroppingSlippers

    Yay! Paph. Moquetianum

    I purchased this Paph. moquetianum x sib ('New Dimension' x 'Red Pouch') from Orchid Inn in March. Blasted the first flower, likely when I moved it from its comfortable enclosed environment, to a hotter drier open area for its first photo 🤦🏻‍♀️. Learned my lesson and was more careful this...
  2. JawDroppingSlippers

    Paph philippinense

    After purchasing the Paph philippinense from Orchid Inn in February, it quickly grew a spike and by April the first of four flowers started to open up. Over the past month as the flowers matured, the petals started to twist 😊. The first three flowers opened nicely, but as the tip got heavier I...
  3. JawDroppingSlippers

    Mealy bugs, should I be more aggressive at this stage?

    It’s been 3 months now since I started my small paph collection and I found my first mealy bug behind a bud on a Tomiko Moon that was three weeks ago. I used 70% alcohol on a swab to take it out (photo was taken a day after removal) and swabbed a few more areas that appeared to have fuzz. Two...
  4. JawDroppingSlippers

    Paphiopedilum Leybaudianum (haynaldianum x philippinense)

    As a Paph novice, and after watching three of my Maudiae types bloom in February, I’m thrilled to watch my first multifloral paph open up today 😊. It’s not as exotic as the specimens I’ve seen in this forum, but I’m grateful to start off positively with these easier-to-grow hybrid plants. It’s...
  5. JawDroppingSlippers

    Paph maudiae type vinicolor, starting to bloom

    Excited to watch my first Paphiopedilum start to bloom. Her lip(pouch) appears fully formed. Hopefully in the next few days she’ll be more upright with a proud dorsal sepal. She’s a maudiae type paph of the vinicolor variety. Full name - Paphiopedilum Hung Sheng Bay ´Bruiser’ x Chou-Yi Apple Web...
  6. JawDroppingSlippers

    Hello from a new member from Northern California.

    I’m a Paph Newbie. I started a paph collection last month and it‘s pretty exciting to watch my plants grow. I’ve had some recent experience with phals and oncidiums. Years ago I had some cattleyas but then priorities changed as the children came. Now, retirement is bliss 😊. I chose the member...