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    yellow spots on a friend’s Phragmipedium Cardinale (?) leaves

    Second problem post of the day! my friend sent these photos from her greenhouse. After4 years, her Phragmipedium at last rewarded her with abundant, ongoing flowers from a plant that had grown lushly in a tray of water but never bloomed. I think it’s P. Cardinale. Now, she’s seeing these leaf...
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    scary leaf stuff on Jensoa Cymbidium imports from China

    These jewels arrived yesterday, awaited since August. I like and trust the vendor. But I’m concerned about some stuff I’m seeing on the leaves. can anybody tell me this is no big deal? Seems concentrated on one plant but they were packed rather tightly. Several leaves fell off in transit. for...
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    Dr. Braem’s new Paphiopedilum tome

    Arrived just now with a thump on my porch so heavy with gorgeous knowledge that I jumped out of my skin from two floors above. Beyond thrilled to hold and behold Dr Guido Jozef Braem’s astonishing compendium. Consider it a reward for having survived to drink its glory. To purchase, email Dr...
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    Orchid Inn new stuff (holy cow!)

    I haven’t visited Sam’s website in a bit and HOOOOOOOOOOboy is it poppin’! Seeing some awful sweet album stuff, Dr. Leslie... thinking I may have to snag one of his P. mastersianum myself. Just agog and wanted to share. Hoping I can visit in person this spring, to pick up! 🙏🏻...
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    Cattleya walkeriana just arrived, COLD, in wet moss

    I got an ebay deal on this Cattleya walkeriana “Manhattan Blue.” Retail therapy, spur of moment. It just arrived, in this wet snowstorm, on my Chicago porch. It only sat there for 30 seconds before I grabbed it but I don’t know the conditions it’s been in. Leaves feel very cold, but solid. Was...
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    Paphiopedilum charlesworthii ‘Picotee’

    This photo was posted by Dr. Harold Koopowitz on Facebook. Never seen the like, can’t resist sharing. When species can such amazing things, why bother with hybrids?
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    Paphiopedilum purpuratum x sib (‘Full Wings’ x var. album ‘Albino Beauty’ CBR/AOS) selfed today!

    Today was day 3 from opening of this first-bloom seedling from Sam and my first-ever orchid pollination! Here’s hoping for success. Anybody want to give me tips on maturing the pod? Sam will be flasking but he grows in a phenomenally state-of-the-art facility, whereas I am but an...
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    Phragmipedium “new species?” from Facebook

    Wondering what people think of this critter.
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    I am craving a Cattleya

    I have never actually grown a Cattleya species. All your conversation and photos have me craving one. JUST ONE. Or a few little ones...y’all know how it is... I’m settled on Cattleya walkeriana var. coerulea ‘Choujo.’ Or am I???? Hmmm. Anybody got anything in this vein they want to sell me? A...
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    Bipinnula montana: WANT

    Anybody know aught about this critter? Smitten. Guessing it’s unavailable and ungrowable so of course I’m dying for it...
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    looking for Angraecum urischianum

    Anyone have a source? Please? Thank you!
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    sad sad Paphiopedilum javanicum

    I guess summer is the season of my chagrin. I got this two years ago from eBay as an “established division” of P. javanicum “chocolate” western form. First three photos show its three photos show how it looked one year later...last three photos are how it looked yesterday when I...
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    probably overdue Roth repotting

    My heritage-plant P. rothschildianum is still potted in the pot in which it arrived 3 years ago...I think it’s time to repot. Meant to this spring but, you know, COVID. Any recommendations on mix? Grade? Should I get a bag of Orchiata and if so, what should I add? Not a lot of experience with...
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    Phragmipedium besseae flavum help please

    I got this as a little seedling 2.5 years ago. It grew well for me in bark until about this time last year, when it went down HARD, suddenly, pretty much like this. Lost all leaves. I repotted robust, good roots into LECA and the new growth came quickly and strongly. Last week, a day after...
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    guess the mystery Paph in bud

    6 years ago, I visited a floral shop and a post-bloom, single-growth, 3-leaved, tagless Paphiopedilum was tucked away on a dark shelf with stupidly expensive, uselessly “decorative” ceramic pots. I asked about just buying the plant but the folks said I had to buy it as is, with the pot. I sighed...
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    Paphiopedilum armeniacum new thread, final form

    Here again is my armeniacum from Tom Kalina. I am obsessed with it. It seems to have developed features I didn’t notice before: spotting inside the labellum, labellum has a cleft chin, the flowing waves of the sepals are more pronounced and, above all, it is SO MUCH BIGGER. It’s been open for a...
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    Paphiopedilum armeniacum from Fox Valley Orchids

    Behold, the first P. armeniacum bloom I ever have experienced. What a luciously saturated bright canary it is. Struggling to capture the color adequately. I tried to measure for you but I don’t really know how. She’s a big fat beaut and I am agog that this is happening in my house. Purchased...
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    Paphiopedilum volonteanum

    I want to but nope, I can’t wait anymore after over 4 months of spiking, Paphiopedilum volonteanum has opened. I know I “should have” staked it and now I have. But I enjoyed every day of anticipating the colors and they do not disappoint. Guessing the dorsal will lift some in the coming days...
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    Mealybug on new sheath of Paphiopedilum armeniacum

    Exactly one year ago, from wonderful Tom Kalina of Fox Valley Orchids, I purchased a seedling Paphiopedilum armeniacum. It was just too perfect to pass up. A couple weeks ago, I noticed a new stolon growing; sweet! Today I happened to notice what I assumed was a new leaf, as the plant was...
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    Safari pesticide question

    Hey all. Hope you’re well and not too freaked about this virus. I am wondering what folks think of what I did today. What’s done is done but it occurs to me that I maybe should have asked. Here it is: I am having a moderate mealybug and scale problem, as well as fungus gnats here and there...