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  1. suzyquec

    Blooming Now

    It's fun to watch seedlings grow from flask to maturity, I have 2 Phrags blooming now that I have raised from seedlings. The Sedenii below I have had for many years and this is probably the 4th or 5th division . The older it gets the more it branches and it is one of my favorites. Below...
  2. suzyquec

    Paph. parishii 'Jeanie'

    First blooming of Paph. parishii 'Jeanie'
  3. suzyquec

    Hung Sheng Paph Flasks

    I just received my first order of Hung Sheng flasks, ordered from Formosa Orchids using my new USDA Import Permits. I am absolutely thrilled at the size of the seedlings and the condition of the flasks. J.J. at Formosa Orchid was wonderful to work with and did a great job of getting these to...
  4. suzyquec

    Dendrobium atroviolaceum (Pygmy Form)

    Dendrobium atroviolaceum (Pygmy Form) I just had to share this beautiful little dendrobium. Such beautiful colors in a small plant.
  5. suzyquec

    Phrag Sunspot x besseae 'Cow Hollow II' FCC/AOS

    I purchased this Phrag 3 years ago and it has grown into a beautiful plant. The bloom just opened this morning and I love the orange color.
  6. suzyquec

    New Flask from Chuck Acker

    I received two new flasks from Chuck Acker today. Paph concolor album and Phrag caudatum var giganteum, both are healthy and amazing. Can't wait to watch them develop. Every time he comes out with a new flask list I'm like a kid in a candy store, I told him he may be the death of me.
  7. suzyquec

    St. Swithin First Blooming

    First blooming of St. Swithin
  8. suzyquec

    Phrag sedenii

    This is 1 of a division of 2 I made about 2 years ago and I very please with the results. Each year this orchid just gets better, I look forward to December when I first see the spike starting.
  9. suzyquec

    A Pretty Trio

    I love this time of year. Below are L_R Phrag Glen Decker, Phrag Jason Fischer and Phrag China Dragon. Glen Decker Jason Fischer China Dragon
  10. suzyquec

    China Dragon Bud Watch

    2 months of waiting but the wait is almost over!
  11. suzyquec

    Paph Temptation

    I purchased this Paph Temptation from Bill at Woodstream Orchids a few months ago and just wanted to share this beautiful orchid.
  12. suzyquec

    Saying Goodbye

    Yesterday after a very short battle with cancer I had to put my wonderful friend my Shar-Pei, Mei-Han to sleep. She was so special and the end came too quickly. But I want to share something special, Shar-Pei's are an old Chinese breed of dog. This morning I went outside to water and found...
  13. suzyquec

    Paph sanderianum seedlings from Orchid Inn

    I received the flask from Orchid Inn May 13th. I planted the entire puck in a small cool pot until today. I removed the puck and separated the seedlings into 3 groups those large enough to pot in individual 2" aircone pots and then medium seedlings in a medium cool pot and the small seedlings...
  14. suzyquec

    AP Philip

    I got this AP Philip from Austin Creek Orchids a couple of months ago and wanted to share a few photos of it in bloom.
  15. suzyquec

    New Babies

    Today I received two flasks, the first from Sam Tsui at Orchid Inn that I mentioned ordering in a previous post, Paph thaianum 'Perfert Snow Ball' x rothschildianum 'Giant Wings GM/WOC the second from Chuck Acker Hanne Popow flavum (besseae v. flavum ‘Chuck’s Choice’ AM/AOS x schlimii...
  16. suzyquec

    18th International Slipper Orchid Symposium

    I just registered to attend the Slipper Orchid Symposium in Apopka, Fl November 5th and wondered if anyone else was interested. Susan
  17. suzyquec

    New Acquisition from Phelps Farm Orchids

    I called Paul at Phelps Farm several weeks ago with regards to buying a Paph. philippinense. But of course slippers are an addiction and I purchased 4 in the long run. A Paph Poulsbo (kolopakingii x praestans) in spike and its huge! A Paph Devayani (druryi x philippinense), a Paph...
  18. suzyquec

    Phrag Eric Young

    Photos of the first flowering of Phrag Eric Young
  19. suzyquec

    Phrag andreettae in spike

    I purchased this phrag andreettae last May from Asendorfer - Orchideenzocht at the Redlands Show. It was just a little seedling and look at it one year later with it's first flower spike. I cannot wait to see the bloom and will post when it opens.
  20. suzyquec

    Paph Michael Koopowitz

    I ran out at lunch to pick up some potting supplies and there is a Vendor with a greenhouse next door, so of course I have to walk through just in case they have something cool. The owner is someone I have known for years and dabbles in Paphs. Today I see he has a young single growth Michael...