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  1. Bjorn

    Some entries

    sangii, MK and tigrinum
  2. Bjorn

    Striped micranthum

    In the back of my brain, there is something telling me that a striped variety of micranthum has been described. Anyone that knows anything about it?
  3. Bjorn

    Some gems - christae

    Time for this variety again. This year perhaps 9-10 flowers, not all of them open yet. Last Picture also shows some Charlie album (Pride of Tokyo xself)
  4. Bjorn


    These are plants I received several years ago(2013) as relatively smallish seedlings. One plant with two spikes, the first one came out crippled like this: reason could be use of kelp? Have seen similar things from that before. But the next flower came out nicely The full plant. It is a...
  5. Bjorn

    The last of this season and the first of its flask

    Vietnamense, came late this season, the first one two years after deflasking. A little crippled and size perhaps moderate but looks promising.
  6. Bjorn

    Coel. nitida

    Some Cold-growing gems that I keep in a frost-free greenhouse. Temperatures sometimes approach freezing, but they respond well to the treatment. The leaves get a bit torn etc though. They have been growing like that for some years now, these plants are divisions from a plant that originally came...
  7. Bjorn

    esquiroleii alba

    Have several, from a flask from HS. quite a variation of sizes from mega to rather diminutive. picture adult photo sharing adult photo sharing adult photo sharing
  8. Bjorn


    At least what I think it is Had this one since '93(?) tends to almost perish after flowering, but that habit is hopefully corrected but the current fertilisation regime (15ppm N) Last flowering was in 2011:o image hosting 30 The leaves get veery long half a meter is possible...
  9. Bjorn


    Had it since 2009 so it was about time it flowered.Has been lasting long, more than a month now. Somewhat peculiar that the ovaries are entirely white?
  10. Bjorn


    Not so many this year, was six, but one blasted. This has been open two weeks now: image hosting no sign Another one, but unfortunately with spots(botrytis) due to excessive humidity. Not that good shape either; also two weeks. adult picture This...
  11. Bjorn

    Probably my fanciest paph...

    moquettanum x sanderianum; must be some 4n involved, since the flowers are massive! A rather rare bloomer, 4 years since last, but this time with two stalks, a total of 5 flowers seemingly. screen capture software screen capture software screen capture software
  12. Bjorn


    Finally got one flowering! Not very impressive but.... uploadimage I have some problems with the pictures, but believe it has to do with my fire-wall. It appears however if I refresh the picture.
  13. Bjorn


    anyone that grows them from flask? The reason for asking is that I have one flat of them that does not seem to grow well, gets pale leaves and almost no Growth. Any experiences out there?
  14. Bjorn


    not that common....A chunky clone from HS as flask. photo hosting upload images image url upload
  15. Bjorn

    Two particularly old henrys

    These came into my custody in 1993 and were recently about to perish. However I seem to have saved them and here they are with two flowers.They grow particularly cool, I would normally not expect paphs to survive those conditions, but many species seem to like them. (around 2-3degrees for long...
  16. Bjorn

    Finally - a pK

    image hosting no registration image hosting no registration
  17. Bjorn

    bessae Peru-type?

    Got this one from Peruflora in 2011 supposedly Peru-type. Some artificial (LED) light how to do a screenshot on a pc Natural light; upload pics This one has better color but is a bit out of focus. So the question is ; how to see that it is a Peru-type or an Equador-type??
  18. Bjorn

    Cattleya Hardyana

    I have two hardyanas mounted on a slab that continues to give nice displays. One of the plants came with this one now, 6 flowers on one stalk all of them quite sizeable and with strong fragrance. One of the best???? upload a gif upload a gif adult photo hosting
  19. Bjorn

    Cattleya something but not aurea???

    This was bought as C. dowiana var aurea, but seems to be something else....a hardyana? someone having suggestions? print screen windows
  20. Bjorn


    Do not know why this one has got status as species, to me it looks as if it is an oversized barbigerum. Well, also coccineum has that status, perhaps both should be lumped to varieties of barbigerum? Vejvarutianum upload a gif With cocineum, note the vejvarutianum is twice as big - actually...