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  1. Bernd_S

    Orchis (Galearis) wardii

    I got Orchis (Galearis) wardii. For culture, I could only find that it with Cyp. flavum together occurs. So I treat them now. (calcareous, clayey, permeable hardly humus, winter dry and cold about 8°C) Seems to be a very mykotrophe orchid. Have any of you read about the culture? greetings Bernd
  2. Bernd_S

    Paph. fairieanum ssp ? or X ??

    Hi, 1 year ago, i sold an paphiopedilum fairienum at Munich orchid show from an chinese/taiwanese seller. The PLant has a very dark flower and the leaves are more than 30 cm span. here some pictures: My question: is...
  3. Bernd_S

    Experiments with alternative substrates

    Since about March of this year I will try to armmeniacum and fairieanum alternative substrates, since I can get the plants though, they never grow really well :-( Here some pictures how it looks at the moment. The armeniacum in Kanuma has entered me. The substrate in Ophrys grow well. The...
  4. Bernd_S

    Coelogyne corymbosa

    Coelogyne corymbosa ... my "skunk" smell very strong, not as enjoyable for me as described in the Internet (the scent of coconut in the nitida I prefer). Flowers at the moment in time. The specimens from India will be without fragrance. greetings Bernd
  5. Bernd_S

    Hi again :-)

    Hi, My name is Bernd and I am interested in orchids since ~ 45 years. Since I live (with ma two dogs) in Germany, exactly in Allgaeu, near Füssen (Neuschwanstein) I heard from this English forum recently by a friend who is a member here. 45 years ago i started with a P. villosum and a...
  6. Bernd_S

    New here :-)

    Hello My name is Bernd and had been many years (more than 30) shoes inside, outside, everywhere. No Place much fun :-) All species, no hybrids. I live at Schwangau, near Neuschwanstein Castle, about 800NN We have "a very long winter" and now lot of snow. So i need the greenhouse for mysef...