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  1. baodai

    Thank You Chuck Acker

    Thank You again Baodai
  2. baodai

    Phrag ???

    From Chuck Acker Thanks, BD
  3. baodai

    What is this bug?

    What is this bug? and how to kill them Thanks, BD
  4. baodai

    Lycaste ID please

    Hello, Can't figure out the name of this one, Can someone ID it? and do you have any for sale? Thanks, BD
  5. baodai

    Looking for stanhopea

    Anyone has stanhopea for sale? I'm looking for previous bloom or BS size. I have a wardii and my wife really like it. Please, let me know what you have and price + shipping Thanks, BD
  6. baodai

    Can some one please tell me?

    Vietnamese has never release a single CITES to export Paph. How could this plant be legal in USA? Thanks, BD
  7. baodai

    Now, I need to take another trip to

    Who wouldn't want to see these in bloom. Regards, DB Copy from dalatrose
  8. baodai

    Something telling me, this is going to be alba

    It is strong enough this year to be self (5 growths). NYEric, You got to wait untill I collect the pod before I can divide, paph hellen alba is my favorite mini paph. Enjoy everyone Thanks, BD
  9. baodai

    Where Am I today ?

    I'm away from snow of Northeast, here are some pictures for you to enjoy, Some of them I don't know the name so please feel free to fill them in Thanks, BaoDai Fuchsia hybrida Voss Bottle Brush Tibuchina Melastomaceae
  10. baodai

    how many helen do you think ?

    Goodluck counting this one. No NYEric, it is not for sale and won't be any flowers for Vietnamese's new year this year. BaoDai
  11. baodai

    another parvis

    This parvis has too many name, I don't really know what is the correct name for it, enjoy anway. Thanks, BaoDai
  12. baodai

    which hang ?

    Hello all, Which one you like best? NYEric, Select your hang and please keep my location to yourself. Thanks, BD #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
  13. baodai

    Best paph armeniacum culture i see so far !!!

    do you know what is in the mix ? BD
  14. baodai

    armeniacum, which one would you vote for

    enjoy BaoDai
  15. baodai

    update hang from almost open and on

    hello everyone, It took 2 months from bud to this, I will update it progress every 2 days or so Enjoy, BaoDai
  16. baodai

    tranlien, I can't get enough of it

    Enjoy BD
  17. baodai

    let's talk about pink tranlien

    enjoy Baodai
  18. baodai

    Must have if you love parvis

    Give me some more name NYEric, I'm running out of name :-) BD I will name this "Chicken Egg" "Duck Egg" I was think about female part for this one hmmmm and the queen of all
  19. baodai

    Would you consisder paph delenatii multiflorals?

    Hello all, I would like to know if you consisder paph delenatii is multi-floral paph? if you answer is yes then why? no then why? To me it is multi-floral paph, because most people don't grow them to it full potential or often don't see them has multiflowers. It is not the plant at fault but...
  20. baodai

    flasks service ?

    Hello, Beside Troy Myers and Barbara at Always-orchid, Is there any any other labs you know of. I need to send out about 25 pods/paph Thanks BD