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  1. Krister Lawlor

    Tamiami festival best days

    Ive only been to the Tamiami festival once on the first day and loved it. Unfortunately all the orchids I bought from the festival last year became an expensive salad for my bunny that jumped up on the counter and ate them all... lol what a bastard he can be. Was upset for literal days after...
  2. Krister Lawlor

    Phrag air circulation?

    I got a small fan constantly blowing air to the side of my growing zone (windowsill), but it seems like it dries the plant too fast or the plant leaves are moving too much. Do I need the fan when I have a ceiling fan always running nearby? Is the drying out faster beneficial? What do you...
  3. Krister Lawlor

    Schlimii Spike death?

    I just bought this Schlimii from a festival from the Ecuagenera stand. It was ready to bloom and looked really healthy. The only problem I had was that it was in pure sphagnum and it seemed old. I didnt water it for two days because the sphagnum just would not dry, but I repotted it and it was...
  4. Krister Lawlor

    Phragmipedium Pots

    I'm a watcher of Ed's Orchids and he uses "rose pots" for his phrags. I found these pots ( , but no matter where I find them, they only ship to the UK and nearby. I live in the states and want...
  5. Krister Lawlor

    Need help/odd phrag spots turning transparent

    Hey guys, I have some worries about my phrag Saint Ouen. It has some brown spotting, but that’s not my biggest worry. I worry most about these odd spots on the underside of the leaves that are turning a darker green but are turning translucent. The topside of the leaves dont seem to change...