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    Is it hard to grow and trying to save any paph from bad rot root?

    I just would like to hear all your opinions and what you do. I just recently be saved mine as as I hope so. Will need to transport to a pot soon. Pease feel freely and kind advices, anything new are much welcome. Thank you all lady slippers lovers. Theyre so beautiful and be exotic...
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    Trying to save paph maduiea (red)

    Trying to save it, it had root rot over a year ago and I've tried everything, nothing works. So this is my last option and hopefully the new root will grow out. This is my first paphiodelium, though and do not lose it. It's in the water vase. Just noticed the new root, very tiny, hopefully...
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    Two paph's in bad shape at flea market.

    Two paph, one is maudauie green n other I forgot the name. The potting soil doesn't look good, too dried, it's roots looks dried, not healthy spider roots as it's supposed to be. It doesn't have any good new growth. It has like two growth and dried stem. Each are 20 bucks. I wouldn't buy...
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    First winter coming up with my babies orchids, and my paph maudiue red.

    I do leave them outside on front porch on east side during summer. I've been studying weather at nights. This Saturday or Sunday it will be like 60s-65 degrees F. And one night it will be 56 degrees F oh boy. Need buy few things. Humidity meter like hydrometer, to find out what's my humidity...
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    Help, I want to use clay pot...

    I do not have stove. I do know it needs to be bleach and learned that I have to heat it up. Is there other way to do it? I really want use it very much.., any advices please.. I truly do appreciate it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Big Hello from Tampa, Florida

    Hi, This is DeafOrchidLover. How are you? I am doing good. I am so thrilled to join this slippertalk forum. So much to learn, Yippie! I love Paphiodeliums, warm-type mottled leaf, they're sooo beautiful. One of my friend mentioned that orchids are so sensitive. I agree. My mom...