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    Auction#12, Fumi's Delight.

    Well since I successfully bloomed HCM and Wossner Love from low buds, I thought that I'd try the auction plant Fumi's Delight. Plant arrived in great shape in low bud and after 10 days in my house it blasted. Sheath looks great, bud is brown and withered. Too much water???not enough water??? I...
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    Orchid sales in NYC.

    Are there any orchid sales in NYC anymore? I know that the GNYOS doesn't have one this year and I would love to attend a show/sale locally. Thanks Paula
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    Can this work?

    I have only three paphs that grow on a windowsill. I mist daily (a few times) and have them on little trays with pebbles. I do not have fans for air circulation or humidifiers or grow lights. I've grown phals, two mini catts, a mounted oncidium and some kind of paph successfully in the past...
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    Hi, I'm new.

    My name is Paula and I live in a NYC apartment. Only have windowsills to grow on, no greenhouse. I currently have a Ho Chi Minh about to bloom and would love advice on anything that could grow on windowsills. Paula