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    Paph. Ho Chi Minh 'Tandy'

    beautiful bloom...mine lasted only 1 week on a windowsill.
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    Auction#12, Fumi's Delight.

    Well since I successfully bloomed HCM and Wossner Love from low buds, I thought that I'd try the auction plant Fumi's Delight. Plant arrived in great shape in low bud and after 10 days in my house it blasted. Sheath looks great, bud is brown and withered. Too much water???not enough water??? I...
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    Orchid sales in NYC.

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    ever seen a green diamond?

    I have a Wossner Vietnam Love in bloom now and it has the same green marking.
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    But where would I sleep then>>>

    The pic of the greenhouse does not show any orchids. I think it is a scam.
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    Orchid sales in NYC.

    Are there any orchid sales in NYC anymore? I know that the GNYOS doesn't have one this year and I would love to attend a show/sale locally. Thanks Paula
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    No plants in bloom so...Meet the Fur Folks!

    Furkids. They're gorgeous...I've got 4 cats and 3 dogs!
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    Where and Where Not To Buy Slippers On Ebay

    I've got to put in a good word for mijo730. My Ho Chi Minh was so well packed it took me 10 minutes to get it unwrapped. Oh and the bloom was beautiful.(I bought it in bud.
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    Yellow/Green Phal

    Sorry for your broken spike. I had Phal. Brother Pepride X Phal. Violacea in spike and my darn blasted cat chewed it up!!!!!! :mad:
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    Is it or Isn't it?

    This guy has sold a lot of orchids at high prices. His dad was an orchid grower and had a greenhouse. It probably is authentic. I've been outbid, out of my price range on others he had for auction. A lot of plants (catts) sold in the hundreds of dollars. He had a nice p.delrosi that went for...
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    mysterious plants .....

    I think they also smell like rotting flesh!!!!!!!!! Paula:eek:
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    one full year for me...

    Hooray...hooray...hooray!!!!!!!:rollhappy: I'm doing the happy dance for you. Keep up the good work!!!!! Paula...newbie in NYC
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    Miscellaneous stuff

    Wow!!!!! What a great thread. I just love your plants and feel encouraged that I can grow my babies in my apartment! The pictures are awesome. Paula
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    Paph. Magic Lantern

    Magic Lantern is one of my faves. Gotta get one. How long does the flower last? Forgive me....I'm new here. Paula
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    Can this work?

    I lost interest due to illness and was just not able to properly care for them. That was many years ago.
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    Can this work?

    I have only three paphs that grow on a windowsill. I mist daily (a few times) and have them on little trays with pebbles. I do not have fans for air circulation or humidifiers or grow lights. I've grown phals, two mini catts, a mounted oncidium and some kind of paph successfully in the past...
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    My slipper orchid experience

    Thanks for all of the welcomes...I see I have found the right place. Paula
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    Hi, I'm new.

    My name is Paula and I live in a NYC apartment. Only have windowsills to grow on, no greenhouse. I currently have a Ho Chi Minh about to bloom and would love advice on anything that could grow on windowsills. Paula