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    orchid destinations in SE Asia

    Does anyone have suggestions for orchid destinations as we are going to SE Asia for 4 weeks next month. Starting in Singapore, we will be heading up the Malay penisula to Southern Thailand by train and then fly to Burma. I plan on spend a day at the Singapore Botanical Garden and also plan on...
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    Slipper symposium

    For those going to the slipper symposium, I followed the link to the host hotel and was directed to a list of hotels in Tampa. Is the Clarion, none listed on the link, now the Rodeway on 210 E Fowler? Thanks, Rob
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    Slipper symposium won't be the same

    I just got my Orchid Digest and read sadly that Jim Clarkson died. He was always a pillar of the symposium and as I understand it, a resource to all. My thoughts are with his family and all the Florida symposium people who must miss him dearly. It is a real loss for paph lovers. Rob
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    Paphs in Burma

    I just returned from northern Burma, Myanmar if you prefer. I was able to meet with U Thein Aung, who was one of the Forestry Department heads in the newly established national parks in the north of the country and have tea and discuss paphs. He told me of the populations of Paph wardii and most...
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    Krull Smith

    I just checked the KS web site and it says that they have sold their entire paph breeding stock to Ursa Orchids. Anyone have info on this. Rob
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    malipoense x adductum

    Has anyone bloomed or seen this in bloom. I bought a compot from antec 5 + years or so ago and have what look like BS plants. Thanks, Rob
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    Paph bougainvilleanum

    This is a first bloom on a single growth plant that has been blooming for over two months. It has a wonky dorsal and stamenoid shield, but I hope it will get better next time it blooms. This plant came from Sam Tsui a few Slipper Symposiums ago. Still getting used to this camera--my photos...
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    Paph malipoense

    Here are a couple of the nicer malipoense that bloomed this season:
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    Paph. delenatii var. vinicolor

    Saw this on ebay but it does not look like my dunkels, where are the dark leaf margins...