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  1. Brabantia

    Pyrethrinoid insecticide

    It seems to me having read somewhere (but I don't remember where) that pyrethrinoid insecticides can cause flowers deformations. Have you any experiences with this type of product ? I ask you this question because nicotinoid derivatives are outlaw in Europa some cultivators are looking for...
  2. Brabantia

    Azalea japonica

    Four last years I propagated Japanese azaleas. One of them lent itself well to be sized out of a small tree. Here is the first flowering this year which is a little bit to late considering the cold winter that we had this year.
  3. Brabantia

    Masdevallia Whiskers

    Masdevallia veitchiana x Masdevallia glandulosa
  4. Brabantia

    Paphiopedilum villosum

  5. Brabantia

    Cattleya Edward McDonald

    The cross was made by Mansell & Hatcher Ltd, Great Britain and it was registered by Mr. McDonald, New Zealand in 1960. It is the result of mating Blc. Norman's Bay on Lc. Vallandina. I have already presented this plant in 2008 on OB. When my growing area receives a little bit of sun the flowers...
  6. Brabantia

    Cattleya nobilior

    A first flowering with three flowers. I bought this plant three years ago from Floralia. It was specified that is the amaliae form but I am not sure.
  7. Brabantia

    Paphiopedilum King Arthur

    This is a plant I am growing since more than fifteen years but it is not clumping.
  8. Brabantia

    Phragmipedium schlimii

  9. Brabantia

    Phragmipedium calurum

    Cultivated since many many years. It is now in a mix 50% bark/25% cubic rockwool/25% small pieces of white lava and a little charcoal. I feed it one time per week at 50 ppm N.
  10. Brabantia

    Odontoglossum hybrid

    Hybrid with big flowers: 12 cm (5")diameter. Beallara Pacific Treasures ?
  11. Brabantia

    Phragmipedium Eric Young

  12. Brabantia

    Phragmipedium sedenii

  13. Brabantia

    Paphiopedilum Gina Short

    This is the second flower.
  14. Brabantia

    Coco husk - red water extract

    Since many years I use CHC to prepare my Cattleyas substrate. I add to the bark mixed with a few clay balls around 25 to 30% of CHC. The CHC I use is the one sold by garden centers for mulching. By precaution I let this one soaking three times 24 hours in rain water in order to eliminate...
  15. Brabantia

    Happy New Year Cattleya's

    Cattleya walkeriana tipo Cattleya Mini Purple They are in flowers now in my mini greenhouse (a part of my veranda).
  16. Brabantia

    Paphiopedilum purpuratum

    In flower now ! Happy New Years to all the members of this exceptional forum !
  17. Brabantia

    Paphiopedilum purpuratum

    In flower now ! Happy New Years to all the members of this exceptional forum !
  18. Brabantia


    I'm not sure about the species name. Can be Acampe rigida. What I am sure is that the seeds sown came from Laos. The flowers are very slightly scented.