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  1. monocotman

    Cattleya care update

    After the problems with rot etc that I had last year I thought that I would update everyone on the progress since. The plants were nearly all repotted into fresh orchiata and every plant now sits in its own larger individual pot, the trays have all been banished. In addition there were some new...
  2. monocotman

    Phrag red lightning x living fire

    A first bloom on a freebie seedling plants from Asendorfer. Unfortunately it may well be the last as the plant is battling some rot. Red lightning is Sorcerer’s apprentice x besseae and living fire is sargentianun x popowii. Little of the 25% besseae is visible in this flower and the 75% of the...
  3. monocotman

    Laelia purpurata tipo rosada ‘Brazil’

    So the first of the purpuratas has just opened. Most of the others are nowhere near producing buds. It’s the first time I’ve bloomed this clone and I am not convinced that this is a good flowering. It was recently repotted. It’s a division from Asendorfer. When this species decides to flower, it...
  4. monocotman

    Two new alba catts

    First up is lueddemanniana alba ‘Mirjam’ SM/DOG. A nice big flower and second photo shows it with ‘sarita’. The scent from the two is lovely. Next is a division from eBay of jenmanii alba ‘Fuch’s snow’. It’s very similar to the jenmanii alba I posted recently and the second photo shows the two...
  5. monocotman

    Cattleya lueddemanniana ‘sarita’

    This is about my favourite clone of this lovely species. It’s large and dark coloured and as one of the best clones found in the wild, has been used in further breeding. Checkout these blog posts for more information on breeding this species: Stephen van kampen has...
  6. monocotman

    Is this jenmanii alba?

    This is a seedling flowering for the first time and bought from Germany about two years ago, probably from Elsner. The label says jenmanii alba x self. It would have been a South American import. The flower started to open yesterday and seems to be a bit too ‘full’ in its shape to be typical...
  7. monocotman

    Cattleya warneri ‘graue’ SM/DOG

    A tipo form of this species with nice big flowers. This plant is a division from Hilmar Bauch. Warneri has very similar flowers to labiata and its difficult to tell the bloom apart. However the species grow very differently, with labiata being a summer grower and this species a winter grower. It...
  8. monocotman

    Phrag Lovely Lynne clone 2

    This is the second plant I have of this grex from Elite orchids and it’s quite different to the first I posted a few weeks ago. Much pinker, more the colour of those Fritz S. made with besseae flavum. The photos were taken today in the morning sun and the bloom appears more red than it really...
  9. monocotman

    The controversial and super dark cattleya mossiae ‘willowbrook’ FCC/AOS

    I bought this plant about a year ago from Regina Elsner just a few months before she retired and gave up her orchid business. The plant when it arrived was clearly very well established with nine bulbs, two leads and great roots. I was very happy to find a plant as they are as rare as hens teeth...
  10. monocotman

    Coelogyne Memoria William Micholitz

    A primary hybrid between mooreana and lawrenceana. It’s a bit of a rampant grower if you provide warm conditions but it will take cooler conditions as this is a hybrid between a cool and warm grower. This plant went outside for the summer and was a bit forgotten but it didn’t stop it throwing...
  11. monocotman

    ‘Scaped’ landscapes

    Some great idea for aquascaping or landscaping indoor growing boxes or wardian cases. David
  12. monocotman

    Cattleya schroderae ‘nomura’ x self

    This is the palest of flowers, almost an alba but the whole bloom develops a very slight purple sheen to it as it ages. Two leads for the very first time this year and four flowers. It’s a slow and steady grower. The scent is quite noticeable and very sweet, quite unlike other labiate species...
  13. monocotman

    Cattleya trianae amesiana ‘Anja’

    A division bought earlier this year from Hilmar Bauch. Nice pale bloom on a not fully mature plant. Anyone know why Hilmar uses the clonal name ‘Anja’? Is it the name of his wife/daughter/mother? David
  14. monocotman

    Phragmipedium Lovely Lynne

    This bloom just opened overnight and will take another two days to expand and mature, but I am very pleased with it and wanted to share. It‘s a seedling from Elite orchids flowering for the first time and bought in autumn 2017. The cross is Peruflora’s Cirila Alca x Fritz Schomburg and I think...
  15. monocotman

    Cattleya trianae ‘Aranka Germaske’

    Another of the vaguely controversial clones that I grow. This one may be a hybrid or a triploid plant from the jungle. It is a reluctant breeder. whatever it is , it’s a great flower. The plant came from Hilmar Bauch in the early summer and appears to be a new division. As the flower opened...
  16. monocotman

    Bud blast in phrags

    Hi, for the first time ever I have two phrags that both blasted buds just as they were expanding from the sheath, at approximately the same time. As you can see, this plant ( Mem. Juan Alberto Arias) is super vigorous, it’s grown really well in the past year and has two spikes. I will check the...
  17. monocotman

    Cattleya trianae concolor

    Bought this summer from orchidman on European eBay as trianae semi alba but clearly not. It’s a very light pinky lavender. Three leads, two flower spikes and four flowers. Not bad for a first blooming. The sepals are a bit curly and all over the place. Maybe they will improve on future...
  18. monocotman

    Jason Fischer 4n update

    I’ve been waiting for this plant to open two flowers together and now there are three. The oldest is starting to look a bit the worse for wear with holes in the red but it will keep it for a few days yet. This is the only phrag I grow that keeps flowers like this. Most jettison them when they...
  19. monocotman

    I know I said they’re not my favourite..

    This is for Dr Leslie. Percivaliana isn’t my favourite species, but when you spot a bargain... This is an eBay purchase that arrived today in frosty weather. Fingers crossed, no heat pads. When someone is offering a decent plant of cattleya percivalliana ‘summit’ for £29.99, it may be worth...
  20. monocotman

    Cattleya percivalliana albescens ‘Oro Blanco’

    I know I upset Dr Leslie by saying that this species is not my favourite unifoliate due to its scent but I still have room for this one. It is a smallish division that came as a freebie and is finally getting going and growing well. The flower has a touch of darker pigment on the lip ( you have...