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  1. snow

    paph gratrixianum

    :)this was my first paph some 13 yrs ago. it,s always a reliable bloomer. gr owing in s/h. the other is acomplex. paph magic mountain first,s not quite open:D
  2. snow

    new seedling

    i got this paph from clouds as medium seedling 2 summers ago. it has a second bud and a new growth starting:)
  3. snow

    phrag sgt eric

    :)this my second blooming phrag after phrag minnie grande. the stem is at least i meter high.:D
  4. snow

    i treated myself well today

    paph Limerick hillsvieuw hcc/oasxpaph ( Wallur x Cheroke) grande and paph Magic mountain:)
  5. snow

    paph hellas westonbrit fcc/rhs

    :clap:second time blooming. got this for my birthday last year. the flowers is large:)
  6. snow

    paph pshyche

    :)2 flowersthe suk is a first bloom:D
  7. snow

    paph sukhakulii

    first bloom seedling from Clouds orchids. it was a med seedling last year aug:)
  8. snow

    paph primulinum f purpuratum

    :)after a dry spell hereis my first primilum. did not realise how small it is it has 3 buds
  9. snow

    paph psyche

    :) first time bloom from a small opened today and might still srtaighten out a bit:D
  10. snow

    paph chen samn ''Colorful

    :)Delenatii x RedShift. the pouch is not great but i like the color
  11. snow

    paph Bo-Ying Chow

    :) i like this one a lot
  12. snow

    phrag Mini Grande

    :)my first phrag in bloom , there are 2 more buds to flower.:drool:
  13. snow

    Paph concolor

    :)hi this is the first concolor i manged to bloom.:wink: it,s Paph concolor ''Yellow Wings x Alba'':smitten:
  14. snow

    Paph Maudiae alba

    :clap: enjoy
  15. snow

    paph Yi-Ying Morning Sun

    :)stem did not develope properly; but the colour is very nice
  16. snow

    paph insigne

    :)this was my first orchid some 14 years ago. still going strong in s/h.
  17. snow

    Paph Hellas'wesonbirt'fcc/rhs, am aos x family circle 'ruby'

    finally i have something to show. it was a long time waiting: but it opened on xmas day.:D '
  18. snow


    hi all i.m new to slippertalk i live in winnipeg manitoba canada where the weather is not alwayscompatible to orchid growing, except for the wonderfull cyprimediam; which unfortunally is to hard for me to spell i.m a senior and pc,s are also new to me. i,ve grown orchids for about 5 years...