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  1. swamprad

    Paph. gratrixianum

    Faithful bloomer for many years, Paph. gratrixianum:
  2. swamprad

    Paph. villosum fma. aureum

    Two plants in flower, each plant has two flowers. Paph. villosum fma. aureum:
  3. swamprad

    Paph. areeanum

    I have a couple in flower, both also flowered last year, so I appreciate their faithfulness! And, the second plant has two flowers this year. Paph. areeanum:
  4. swamprad

    Insecticide foggers

    I recently heard about the use of foggers for insecticides (from Art Chadwick). What we do now, spraying with a battery powered sprayer, is time consuming and not very healthy, imho. Does anyone have experience with using a fogger for insecticides? My greenhouse is not large, 18 x 24, and I...
  5. swamprad

    My first stonei

    Only two flowers, but I couldn't be more thrilled!! photo-2 by swamprad, on Flickr
  6. swamprad

    Bulbophyllum agastor

    I got this division a little over a year ago, and it has grown robustly. First blooming for me, this week. photo-4 by swamprad, on Flickr Bulbophyllum agastor and cruentum are the smaller growing species in this section, the others (phalaenopsis, orthosepalum, macrobulbon, and...
  7. swamprad

    Dendrobium brymerianum

    I've wanted one of these for a long time. Finally found one for sale last year, and today we have blooms! photo-1 by swamprad, on Flickr
  8. swamprad

    Bulbophyllum echinolabium 'Swamprad' AM/AOS, CCM/AOS

    I sent this guy to Atlanta for judging this weekend, brought home both an AM and a CCM, 83 points each! Nine spikes. The plant lives in the top of my greenhouse in the sunniest location, growing in sphagnum. I'm not certain, but I think I got this one from Orchid Babies in 2009. Bulbophyllum...
  9. swamprad

    Fertilizing problem...

    I purchased a Hozon Proportioner Mixer from Kelly's Korner, as well as a Wonder Waterer watering wand. I mix up a strong solution of fertilizer in a five-gallon bucket, drop a little tube into the bucket, and the mixer sucks up the fertilizer and mixes it with the water coming through my water...
  10. swamprad

    Too much sun

    So what I am doing is trying to grow vandas, cats, bulbos, paphs, phals, and a whole lot of other stuff in one greenhouse. The idea is that the high light stuff is hanging and shading the low light stuff. Well, it's not working very well. Many of my paphs are yellow. I hate yellow. Not...
  11. swamprad

    Green slime on sphag

    I repotted all my bulbos a couple of months ago into fresh sphagnum. Now, the top of all the spaghnum is covered with a green slime algae, very unattractive. Can I spray a Clorox solution to kill the algae without hurting my bulbos? Any other ideas?
  12. swamprad

    Bulbophyllum fletcherianum

    This plant was a gift from Jo Levy. The leaves are about 3 1/2 feet long -- it is a huge plant hanging from the rafters of the greenhouse! It has two inflorescences on it right now, and is stinking to high heaven, especially on a sunny afternoon!
  13. swamprad

    Paph. St. Low 'Molly Elizabeth' AM/AOS

    This is a division of an awarded clone, first time bloomer for me:
  14. swamprad

    Bulbophyllum palawense

    I repotted it while it was in bud, but it didn't seem to care. Several more buds coming along, too.
  15. swamprad

    Paph. Formosa Lady (or not)

    This is the long awaited first blooming of my Formosa Lady. However, it looks quite different from another Formosa Lady posted on here a while back. So perhaps my tag is wrong. What do you think?
  16. swamprad

    Bulbophyllum medium

    I've recently acquired a bunch of new bulbos from a friend, and I've got plants in semi-hydro, sphagnum, bark mix, esoteric combinations, mounted, and who knows what else. I mist all my bulbos heavily every morning and water weekly more or less, depending on the season. I'm going to repot...
  17. swamprad

    Slugs and snails

    I've had quite a few plants, predominately my catts and oncidium intergenerics, growing on the floor on my back porch all summer. All of these plants are in semi-hydro. Well, it seems I've attracted some slugs and or snails. Over the past few weeks, they've done a good job of eating several...
  18. swamprad

    Greenhouse shade cloth

    My new 18 x 24 greenhouse is all framed up, and will soon be finished! I'll post a thread with photos when we finish. But I need some help figuring out how to make the shade cloth work for me. My new greenhouse is triple polycarbonate, which already blocks 20% of the light. I am going to...
  19. swamprad

    Legality of helenae and others

    I know this has been discussed before, but I'm still not clear on certain issues regarding the legality of some slippers in the U.S. I know that there are some legal helenae and vietnamense plants in the U.S. Therefore it is my understanding that, for all practical purposes, these two...
  20. swamprad

    Paph. delenatii

    I got this clone from Dennis d'Allessandro a couple of years ago. It bloomed with two spikes this year, but I missed getting a photo while all the blooms were open. The greatest thing is the intense rose fragrance that this clone has. I have another delenatii, also in bloom, that has no...