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    Paph richardianum

    So been waiting for weeks to get a pic of the 3rd bloom open on this spike, and last flower has 2 holes punched in it by snails:sob::mad::mad: anyway cool flowers on ridiculously 30inch long droopy spike. If it wasn't for the big difference in flower size you'd think it was just a...
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    Paph purpuratum and virens

    A couple of relatively new plants to the collection This purpuratum is from LittleFrog Farms. Going to breed it with Gego's flower. Got a couple of P. virens from SlipperKing that I believe came from a Hawaiian grower. This is a hard flower for me to photograph. The pink petal tips...
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    another delenatii

    I've had this one for quite a few years (got it from Matt Gore when he lived in CO). Switched it to basket in 2011, and its done well. This is the first time its produced double flowers although a more aggressive growing sib double blooms almost every spike. Whole plant in 6" basket...
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    Stumpy Phili

    I guess this would pass as the var. laevegatum type being small and pale. Lots of growths in a 6 inch basket but a bit of a stingy bloomer for me.
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    Bulbo macrochillum

    This is a cool Bulbo I got from Jay out in Houston. It was labeled as Bulbo stella, but you'd be hard pressed to find it under that name any more. Blooms sequentially on a 1 to 2 ft long spike. No smell I can detect.
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    Besseae Havin X Smokin 2017

    The last time I posted this plant was in Feb 2013 and if you check out that thread you would think its just continued on normally to today. But actually the plant almost died out in 2013, and got down to one nubby growth. I set it back up in a 4 basket, and then when I started the lemon juice...
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    Paph sukhakulii and venustum

    This is the second blooming on this suk (which is from Little Frog Farms via Slipperking) Good size about 13cm This venustum is kind of twisty but opened better than last year.
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    Pleasent lowii

    The parentage of this lowii is New Horizons X Mem. Agnes Helbing. I got the plant from Fox Valley, and its been a bit of a surprise. Unlike most of the other pics I've seen from this cross, this one is a pleasant pastel version. This is the third blooming of this plant and definitely the...
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    A Decade of Slippertalk Collaboration

    Happy New Year:clap::clap::clap: Been super busy and will probably disappear again soon, but thought this was an exciting way to start 2017. In 2006 I got wardii pollen from Gilda's 'Charles' (Gilda in East TN) and put it into a generic wardii I had from Andy's. Both parent plants have...
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    Phrag richteri (amazonica)

    Also since Eric is going to ask about whole plant shots..... There's a lot of pearcei/ecuadorensis in there, but also: richteri (I think actually tagged as amazonica) schlimii besseae hirtzii klotcheanum longifolium fischeri lindleyanum
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    Phrag schlimii

    Been growing well and has a second spike coming up too.
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    Paph glaucophyllum

    This plant has been rebuilding itself for the last couple years so glad to have a new spike going on it. Bred it with Rick's plant last time it was in bloom and raising some seedlings from the cross too.
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    Paph cocineanum 2016

    2 of 4 buds fully open. A couple of bloom season ago I got pollen from Jean Lux's into this plant and got a few flasks of seedlings going strong.
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    Tigrinum #3 for the season

    I think the best for this plant so far too. I did get pollen from John M into the first flower and getting a good seed pod. Thought I'd show the roots from the basket setup. Cracks me up there is actually a shelf fungus growing on the basket.
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    Bromeliad action

    I have a handful of interesting bromeliads that have been blooming. Tillandsia cyanea with big "blue flowers" Neoregelia smithii with little blue flowers Orthphyton gurkeni (need to check spelling) put up this big spike that makes these green clumps of green bracts that pop out little...
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    Phrag fischeri 2016

    This is the 3rd successful spike on this fischeri. For this spike I knocked off the first bud, the second blasted before it opened, but 3's a charm. (and we'll see if we get more:wink:)
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    finally P tigrinum

    I got this tigrinum seedling from Sheerwood Orchids in 2002. It's been blasting for the last 8 years, but finally a good flower (and another spike moving along real well). Also bear with me while I learn a new computer system.
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    Bulbo suprise

    I was just thinking that my Bulbo. agastor hadn't bloomed in a while............ and then I smelled something:p In the meantime this Maxillaria variabilis (not a bulbo:wink:)has been in bloom nonstop for well over a year now.
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    Pretty Phals

    Single bloom on this 1st time Phal sumatrana seedling. Can't ever get a good angle it seems on this Phal parishii. This smells awesome on a warm sunny day. Teeny flowers but really cool detail up close. I'm really enjoying this Phal bastianii. Its getting spikes on keikis and there...
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    First bloom Paph lowii

    Still just a single growth plant, but shape and color are not too bad.