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    Paph Hilo Black Eagle 'Dolly Dagger' AM/AOS

    Well done, Rick!
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    Cattleya trianae amesiana ‘Anja’

    David, Anja ist Hilmars wife. He has not many of his plants honoured with this name. Lovely soft colours.
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    Sarcochilus falcatus

    it is. :)
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    Sarcochilus falcatus

    first bloom just one year out of flask from seed donated by a nice forum member. Very pleased with it. I grow it in a GH which stays cool (around 10°C) in winter but gets hot in summer. I'm trying several mounts: terracotta tubes, Juniper logs, tree fern all work fine so far. Thanks again!
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    Ophrys and Orchis

    I'm using the same mix for Pterostylis and for Orchis/Ophrys. Mainly pumice (0-6 mm), Perlite, clay pebbles. Some of them appear to grow better with some organic ingredient (peat, coir, bark or leaf humus, 10-30%), but I keep the organics low to prevent rot.
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    An out of season lueddemanniana

    My luedde has the same growth cycle as yours. It gets some 4 hrs. of artificial light in winter but temps are rather cool in my GH. Wish it would perform as well as yours. Very nice flowers, congrats!
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    That's the new rising growth. Roots will grow later from its base.
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    Pleione x confusa Golden Gate HCC/AOS

    Very nice! It can be even nicer in cool conditions with a deep yellow colour. I remember the dispute about the label. The plants which arrived in europe are not distinguishable from Pln. Shantung 'Ducat' but clearly different from the original x confusa clone. I wouldn't be surprised if...
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    ID Request - Paphiopedilum Wössner Wolke

    I'm not guessing what it is, but it is unlikely a Woessner Wolke. About as unlikely as elephants can fly.
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    Dresdner Ostern 2018, Orchid Show

    Thanks Jean for all the nice pics! Taking photos is always a challenge in that exhibition, but the impression in the show is very spectacular. The organizers of the orchid show have little influence on the general light concept, since the orchid show is part of a large Easter fair, but they do...
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    Paph. hirsutissimum var. esquirolei 'Anja'

    A spectacular flower, I've seen the mother plant on numerous occassions. Congrats on blooming it so well!
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    New section in genus Paphiopedilum proposed.

    Thanks a lot to both of you guys, for bringing these papers to our attention. The publication of the Asian scientists appears to be a top solid piece of work.:clap:
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    Paph wenshanense

    Very nice, clean spotting. Lovely!
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    Paph Wossner Vietnam Bell 'Strawberry'

    Very nice! Great colour, spots and contrast and the shape is appealing, too.
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    Paph. Hellas 'Westonbirt' AM/RHS x Chardmoore 'Mrs. Cowburn'

    Paph. Inca, registered by Alexander in 1948 with the parents in reverse order. I like it.
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    Paph Maudiae 'Los Osos'

    That's very nice every time again.
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    Paph Stoke Poges x St Ouen

    Thanks! The flower measures 10 cm in diameter. Whole plant pic attached. It has made three flowers in the past and plenty new growths which makes the single flower a little disappointing.
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    Paphiopedilum micranthum

    Nice picture and flowers!
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    Paph Stoke Poges x St Ouen

    An unregistered cross by Ratcliffe. Smallish flower but bright colours in the sun.
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    some spotted complex Paphs

    dramatic spots!