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    Sarcochilus falcatus

    first bloom just one year out of flask from seed donated by a nice forum member. Very pleased with it. I grow it in a GH which stays cool (around 10°C) in winter but gets hot in summer. I'm trying several mounts: terracotta tubes, Juniper logs, tree fern all work fine so far. Thanks again!
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    Paph Stoke Poges x St Ouen

    An unregistered cross by Ratcliffe. Smallish flower but bright colours in the sun.
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    Catasetum tigrinum

    Cute and compact. First flowering and I'm pleased. Colour is rather cream than yellow as in the second pic.
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    two dianthums

    both of my dianthums are in flower right now. The first one is an excellent, vigorous grower. A shame the dorsal does reflex and twist. And the petals, well, I shouldn't have kept it next to the supardii :o The second was aquired as parishii. Quite happy with four flowers on a small plant.
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    Cycnoches Jean E. Monnier

    I've had this plant for seven years now, and it is getting better every year. Two inflorescences for the first time, with 33 and 36 flowers. Nothing wrong with it, in my eyes. Was considering to have it judged next weekend, but I'm pretty sure it'll drop the first flowers just in time for the...
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    Another Mini Catasetum cross

    this is Ctsm. Melana Davison (Ctsm. denticulatum x Penang). It is compact, indeed, with the last mature bulb measuring about 10 cm and leaves of around 20 cm in length. The flower size is pretty good (7 cm across the petals) and I like the large, flat lip. It appears that this cross is quite...
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    some hybrids

    Whites first: 1. Snow Festival, raised from an OZ flask by Duerbusch 2. FC Puddle 3. Sea Sunset 'Lacewing' 4. Jan van Houte. That's a first bloom seedling of moquetteanum x Christmas Snow. Received it from Ratcliffe a few years ago, but not sure who made the cross.
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    spicerianum season at my GH. first my oldest plant which finally starts to make a specimen. Shape is not good this year, but colour is. Second a plant I've recieved recently from the stock of a UK firm. I see room for improvement, but the plant hasn't fully established yet. Third is a plant...
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    Paph guangdongense

    One of the latest additions to the ever increasing group of barbigerum-related species from southern China and surrounds. I'm glad these were exported from China as seed-grown plants. They were sold as Paph. gratrixianum var. guangdongense, which was plausible because the authors of the...
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    barbigerum var. sulivongii

    a reliable flowerer, but in my hands this is the only plant of all the compact sect. Paphiopedilum species that doesn't clump at all.
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    henryanum and charlesworthii

    the henry is a division from OI, quite a chunky thing. The Charlie has some pink at the corner of its ventral sepals, last year it had a wide pink rim around the whole ventral.
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    In flower again after only two years. One day I'm sure it'll make a second flower on a stem. I'm in love with this bright yellow colour.
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    Another one of those compact and colourful species from the limestone areas in Northen Vietnam. This is a seedling from Asendorfer Orchideen. There are larger ones around, but I'm quite pleased with the colour.
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    Magic Lantern vini

    That's my ML made with delenatii vinicolor. Bought it from OI last two years ago. Shame about that folded stami, otherwise it is perfect, in my eyes. I love the addtional contrast the vini parent appears to add to this hybrid.
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    barbatum and callosum

    I've got these two plants in flower right now. The barbatum was from Michael Ooi last year, as barbatum giganteum (giant leaf type). This years flower is not as nice as last years (posted on ST somewhere), but still ver colourful. Is it a barbatum or already a callosum? I don't know. The other...
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    One more St. Swithin

    This is the first bloom of this seedling I got from Sam a few years ago. I am quite happy with flower count, petal attitude, shape, colour and so on. Unfortunately, the flower stem is far from being straight as a result of the heat last week.
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    Lady Isabel

    This is stonei 'Henry' x rothschildianum 'Gigantic' from Sam, first bloom. LI must be one of my favourite hybrids, I haven't seen one I didn't like.
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    this has very good, deep colours this year.
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    must be the season. Number one was from Michael Oii, and the second is of Sam Tsuis breeding. My largest niveum, but the shape is weird.
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    A classic white Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all of you! White stuff only in the GH, not on the lawn, much to the disappointment of the kids. Thats F.C. Puddle between two different clones of Rosy Dawn.