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  1. Paphman910

    Paph philippinense 2016

    A division from a friend who only flowered in once or twice in over 25+ year from his specimen plant
  2. Paphman910

    Paph stonei in Bloom 2016

    This year my stonei has a total of 4 spikes with 16 flowers. Only 3 spike is visible on the photo. Same plant in this thread:
  3. Paphman910

    Phal bellina June 2016

    This plant has been in flower last month and a new spike with fully opened flower about 2 weeks old:
  4. Paphman910


    Both side by side:
  5. Paphman910

    Canada Only - Spring Reduction Sale

    Paph micranthum eburnenum $40-50 for each plant Paph helenae $40 Paph henryanum $25-50 for each plant Paph rothschildianum $60 Paph rothschildianum 'Mont Millia' x self SOLD Paph rothschildianum 'Mont Millias' x 'Perfection' SOLD Please PM if interested.
  6. Paphman910

    Paph lawrenceanum

    Paph lawrenceanum: The beautiful foliage: Easy warm growing plant!
  7. Paphman910

    Paph stonei in flower from sunny Victoria

    Paph stonei single flower: Spike:
  8. Paphman910

    Phal bellina 'Ingrid Ohh' x 'Joy'

    Better flowers after first blooming last year! One on the left was suppose to be sold to Wendy but never got around to selling it. Repotted it last week and the scent drove me nuts!
  9. Paphman910

    Paph randsii (New World x CA Dream) First Flowering

    Since alot of people don't see many photos of randsii, look no further!!!! Total of 10 buds on first flowering! Randsii in low bud, Feb 27, 2015: Another view, March 01, 2015: Spike grows fast, March 07, 2015: Front view of spike, March 13, 2015: Bud on the...
  10. Paphman910

    Repotting Big Paph stonei Jan 02, 2015

    Repotting my big stonei Previous flowering: First time blooming June 2012: June 2014: July 2014: So many roots: New growth needs to be buried: Whole Plant: Ran out of media...
  11. Paphman910

    Paphiopedilum praestans 2014-09-12

    Took a long time to open. Just 2 flowers. Enjoy
  12. Paphman910

    July 2014 - Paph stonei Again?

    I thought it will not flower again for next 2 years but look! July 16, 2014: July 20, 2014 July 28, 2014 Just couldn't wait for them to all flower at same time! Enjoy UPDATE 2014 August 2 - 3rd flowering, all five flowers now open:
  13. Paphman910

    Paphiopedilum vietnamense June 3, 2014

    Easy grower but flowers don't last long!
  14. Paphman910

    Paph stonei June 2014

    Paph stonei is in bloom again after first blooming in 2012 Enjoy
  15. Paphman910

    Phal bellina 'Ingrid Ohh' x 'Joy'

    First one flowering on Feb 10, 2014 Second one flowering on May 9, 2014 Not sure which one is nice. The first one is really flat and not very strong scented. The second one has larger flowers, stronger scent but not very flat. Still have another 3 bellina with flower spikes...
  16. Paphman910

    Finally Paph delenati vinicolor opened

    Here it is!
  17. Paphman910

    Phal bellina 'Ingrid Oh' x 'Joy'

    Just opened this morning Feb 10, 2014
  18. Paphman910

    Cattleya intermedia orlata 'Enid' x 'Superlative Thing'

    One of my friends greenhouse visit on July 7, 2013 and I saw they plant I gave him last year. First blooming.
  19. Paphman910

    Paph lowii

    Here is my lowii in flower! Just a single flower!
  20. Paphman910

    Paph lockianum flask - Oct 23, 2012

    Paph lockianum flask: Flask Images: Deflasked: Final Compot Paphman910