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  1. rangiku

    Massachusetts Orchid Society Show and Sale!!!

    Hey, Eric, great to meet you yesterday. Thanks for coming up for judging. Come back next year!!
  2. rangiku

    Massachusetts Orchid Society Show and Sale!!!

    She'd be Paph Angela. I believe she got an AM on one.
  3. rangiku

    Massachusetts Orchid Society Show and Sale!!!

    Eric, judges and student judges deal directly with Dr. Hesse and Bob Winkley, not MassOS. If you need Dr. Hesse's info, PM me.
  4. rangiku

    Paph helenae fma album

    me, three! where can we get these in the states?
  5. rangiku

    Massachusetts Orchid Society Show and Sale!!!

    Thanks for posting this, Mr. likespaphs. :) I'll keep my eye out for Eric. You'll be carrying your paintball gun, right? :) Are you coming for judging on Friday?
  6. rangiku

    Miscellaneous stuff

    Thanks, Eric. Carl from Kelley's Korner had one in their CTOS show exhibit last weekend and I fell in love with it.
  7. rangiku

    Miscellaneous stuff

    Eric, where did you get the Lepanthopsis astrophora? Also, Olaf was super surprised to see you in Montreal.
  8. rangiku

    Paph. helenae 'Charlie'

    Absolutely gorgeous!
  9. rangiku

    Whant to see my...

    Yes, to check if the plant is diploid (2N) or tetraploid (4N).
  10. rangiku

    Phrag. besseae 'Pook'

    Absolutely gorgeous.
  11. rangiku

    Paphiopedilum helenae N°1

    Another beauty.
  12. rangiku

    Fast growing helenae?

    Got 2 from Holger Perner last October. No spikes yet.
  13. rangiku

    Paphiopedilum helenae in situ

    So beautiful! Xi xi!!
  14. rangiku

    2015 Paph Forum
  15. rangiku

    kovachii latest

    NS is the natural spread of the petals and FS is short for the primary Phrag Fritz Schomburg (kovachii x besseae).
  16. rangiku

    Some helenae

  17. rangiku

    21st Annual Orchid Auction - St. Louis, MO - August 24th

    How did your auction go?
  18. rangiku

    Phalaenopsis gigantea

    Excellent as always, Peter.
  19. rangiku

    Chinese Cymbidiums

    abax, I'm not sure if the Perners will be at POE so it is best to email them. As for purchasing plants sight unseen, I totally understand, but most of the time when we buy plants online you don't get to see them. That said, the Paphs and Neo I got from the Perners plants were of good size, am...