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    Counter-top R/O Help!

    I just got a new counter top r/o system and when I went to connect it found it does not fit my sink. Great for the outdoor hydrants, but I don't use it there. I went to see my original counter top r/o but must have pitched it (it was battle worn all over!). As I could see what part I may have...
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    Cattleya plugs

    I have a handful of Cattleya plugs that need a home. They are a couple of inches long. Nice and green and healthy. All I ask is that you pay for shipping, which I will be no more than $8 priority USPS. I'll send a couple with each request - till I run out! Here are the plugs: Blc Waianae...
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    Greenhouse construction

    I've been looking at greenhouses and all the materials used to build them. For those who own them, can you help with the pros and cons of materials, in particular, structural parts made of aluminum/wood/? . Thanks!
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    Bromelaid ID

    I know, not even orchid related, but I have two very nice epiphytic bromeliad plants I'd love to ID. I have actually been successfully growing these two. Would like to try others, but within the same family. Anyone know a good site for Bromelaid identifying?
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    Alternate heat source

    I've probably figured this out already, but sometimes input can help clear it up better. I am putting in back-up heating with ventless gas units on the walls through the house. Power outages through winter are deeming this a necessity. I grow my orchids in one room on carts. I'm thinking...
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    Shade cloth help!

    I put the orchids out - mostly Cattleya alliance - in the yard every summer. I put a tarp on and off to minimize sun damage - on during dry days off when it rains. I want to invest in shade cloth so I don't have to be spending so much time tarping and untarping and finding I'm too late for...
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    Catasetum alliance

    I'm new to this group of plants and find the dormancy cycle nice. But am unsure of when to start watering. I am seeing new growth, but the medium they are in now is sphag and unable to see any roots other than last years. Second question, when do I repot them? I'm thinking of keeping the...
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    Cattleya sale

    I have a handful of Cattleyas to part with. Anywhere from a few dollars up. PM for a list! I take paypal.
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    Max tenuifolia culture

    I've grown this for years. Nice big beautiful blooming clumps. All in the old place. In this new one, I'm having a fit with it. My biggest question is, will this species grow s/h? I was thinking of going to this medium with it since I've just about manipulated everything else. Anyone?
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    I have a handful of complex Paphs that need repotting, but won't have the time till I bring them in next month. Will that be ok for them or should I wait till next spring?
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    I didn't get the tarp up quick enough the other day and a few of my Paphs sunburned. The complex did the best at enduring the hot flash, but the Deperles are really scorched. Anything I should do for them in particular or anything to be aware of while they recover?
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    C Bob Betts x Bow Bells

    Anyone know the story regarding C Jose Marti Mother's Favourite? RHS has it posted as Jose Marti and then also as Mother's Favourite. I always see nurseries listing it as C Jose Marti 'Mother's Favorite' (or 'Favourite').
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    Rosalie Dixler

    Now, I really do need a Phrag Rosalie Dixler. Any suggestions? How about a similar flower? Suggestions please.
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    Anyone planning an order to Exotic Orchids of Maui? I have a plant or two I'd like to get - but no where near a full order. Appreciate!
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    chc supplements

    Recently I came upon a product that was recommended for anyone using coconut husk chips for potting medium. I don't remember the name or where I saw it. I read the info and didn't pay it any thought. Well, now it is sticking with me. So I am a bit concerned (need a smilie pulling its hair...
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    Phrag Rosalie Dixler

    Anyone selling Phrag Rosalie Dixler? I may lose mine due to heating difficulties in the plant room. What are left are recovering, but she looks pretty sad so want to replace if I lose her. Appreciate!
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    I would like to know if r/o water is the equivalent of distilled. It came up recently when talking of my r/o system. If there is a difference, what?
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    wanted Paph Deperle

    I am at it again - Paph collecting.... Anyone with a Paph Deperle - white flowered - that would like to trade a div? PM me.
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    Phrag repotting

    Is it ok to repot Phrags every year or are there those that prefer to stay in the same pot and medium for several years. I grow mine in CHC and spongerock and have been wondering if I shouldn't be repotting (wondering about the breakdown of the CHC). I had been growing them s/h but had some...
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    Exotic Orchids of Maui order?

    Anyone here planning an order to Exotic Orchids of Maui? I would love to tack on a few plants and share shipping if anyone does. Appreciate!