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  1. Silvan

    Some blooms during 2020

    some Paphiopedilum that bloomed during the year. Paph micranthum Paph. Liberty Taiwan Paph. Lola Bird Paph emersonii Paph. Ho Chi Minh Paph. Latoya Paph. Armeni White Paph. S.Gratrix
  2. Silvan

    A few blooms of 2020

    Previously shown in FB. But I wanted to also share it here. For prosperity :) Phrag. Les Varines Phrag. Beaumont Phrag. :besseae flavum, besseae, schlimii, Peruflora’s Saltimbanco Phrag. Nights In White Satin Phrag. Mem. Maria Teresa Fighetti Phrag. Mem. Emma Decker...
  3. Silvan

    Memoria Mariza Rolando & Apollo

    Pretty much the last pics outside for the season. Just wanted to share two of my favorites Phragmipedium :)
  4. Silvan

    Chou-Yi Yuki and S. Gratrix

    Cute little things :D
  5. Silvan


    one flower this time around. but I still love this species. I guess that I have to put it back with the Cattleyas and Lycastes.. I'll need to rearrange some plants... again! lol
  6. Silvan

    Super Rubies

    (besseae x warszewiczianum black) small flower huuuuge plant. a bit of a disappointment. not sure how a besseae and a popowii can produce such a big plant. not sure either if I'm keeping this one. takes up way too much space.
  7. Silvan

    Mem. Maria Teresa Fighetti

    (Elizabeth Castle x kovachii) The colour is a bit off on the second picture. It got a little too sunny when I took the picture. Not much to say about this one. Reliable bloomer, medium size plant (for a kovachii hybrid), big flower.
  8. Silvan

    Suzanne Decker

    (kovachii 'Laura' x Cape Sunset) I can't believe that I've been growing this plant for almost a decade now. Still one of my favorite Phragmipedium. :)
  9. Silvan

    Bel Royal 4N 'Charles' AM/AOS

    Division from a friend of mine :D Mem. Dick Clements 4N 'Jersey' FCC/AOS/RHS x Sorcerer's Apprentice 4N (EYOF)
  10. Silvan

    Some plants in bloom in January :)

    Paphiopedilum S.Gratrix Paphiopedilum Carmen Coll Paphiopedilum Chou-Yi Wench Paphiopedilum Fanaticum
  11. Silvan

    Cahaba Yellow Bird

    Gift from Russell. It took a few years to reach blooming size, like almost 5 years I think. But it’s very pleasant to look at and the flower is relatively big compared to it’s foliage so it’s a plus :) Cahaba Yellow bird is Phrag. Robert Palm x richteri Enjoy :) First or second flower...
  12. Silvan


    Hi! Here's the first blooming on my plant from the orchidinn (Sam). Enjoy! :)
  13. Silvan

    Acker's Beauty

    (lindleyanum x kovachii) First plant to bloom out of a flask that I bought back in fall of 2013 from Ecuagenera.. Yeah.. Almost four and half years for that... It does look like what it's suppose to when you compare it to Les Varines (sargentianum x kovachii) and Damselfly (kaleteurum x...
  14. Silvan

    M M R

    Memoria Mariza Rolando (Hanne Popow x kovachii) First blooming on this second plant from a flask bought from Ecuagenera three years ago.... I'll spare you the flower on the first one.. eeesh! Love this one, though. Still opening. :)
  15. Silvan

    Elfin's Candy

    I bought the pastel version of it :) Thanks Jean-Pierre for making this wonderful cross! enjoy!
  16. Silvan


    (Fritz Schomburg x kovachii) From Peruflora It's very cloudy today and it made the picture a bit blury. But I wanted to take the picture as soon as possible in case the flower looses this shape. :)
  17. Silvan

    Glen Decker

    (kovachii x Jason Fischer) First blooming on this plant that I got from Peruflora in October 2014. Average size flower (NS 11cm) on a plant that looks like it's going to get big. But still pretty. I hope for multiple flower open at the same time on a branching stem in subsequent...
  18. Silvan

    Some blooms

    Just testing dropbox. ..kinda complicated... :) working on resizing pictures average anitum so green that it becomes colourful ;) caudatum sanderae
  19. Silvan

    Nights In White Satin

    (wallisii 'White Satin' x Alien Syndrome '4 of a kind') First bloom from this cross that I bought from OL a few years back. It's been struggling under my care since I got it and I almost lost it to a bad case of erwinia. Anyway, the flowers are a bit distorted but it's still nice for that type...