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    Fulvic acid dosage

    What is the function of adding fulvic acid I assume to water orchids?
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    Thelymitra megacalyptra

    Beautiful, unusual color and the screamer is quite wonderful. Thank you for the late night smile.
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    The Aesthetics Pleasure

    Very interesting photo. The idea of the aesthetics of growing things is wonderful.
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    Phrag longifolium

    Excellent idea catfish. I like them both...equally.
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    Cattleya lueddemanniana ‘sarita’

    Avery nice, upright dorsal and splendid color.
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    More Phrag. besseae babies (and a couple of their phrag friends)

    belle, I finally learned my lesson that my greenhouse just gets too hot in summer for besseae. I've tried everything but installing an air conditioner. Same story...winter good...summer...killer. I've just had to move on.
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    Phal. schilleriana sulking

    Stick with it masaccio. That plant deserves a little love. You may have the "sulking award" and congratulations on the new leaf.
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    Who Likes to Cook

    So Charles, what is this bread? The loaves look goooood. If you use an egg wash before putting them in the oven, you get a softer crust that's just a bit darker. Do the egg wash and then sprinkle poppy or sesame seeds over the top. Since we use Challah for everything, we prefer a less crusty...
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    Phalaenopsis schilleriana

    My schill is blooming now and all the blooms have been open about two weeks. Adore the subtle fragrance. Poor thing, I keep my big nose in it every time I pass by.
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    Blc. King of Taiwan

    Impressive presentation of the blooms.
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    More Phrag. besseae babies (and a couple of their phrag friends)

    Gorgeous Phrags. and they all look so pristine. How do you do that growing more or less outside???? I'm rather drawn to Lilith. I love petite pinks.
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    Catt intermedia 'Crownfox' AM

    Indeed, it is outstanding. The color combo is very eye catching. I hope it's fragrant as well as lovely.
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    Lc. Trick or Treat 'Orange Magic' AM/AOS x Laelia harpophylla

    Don't apologize for the bright color. The flowers are beautiful and spring always gives us a color show. I love it and look forward to it!
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    Phrag. Papa Frankie Quintal (Haley Decker x kovachii)

    Eric, I remember photos of those floors. Did you ever get around to replacing them???? Pete, I'm looking forward to the next couple of bloom cycles.
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    Trillium ludovicianum (Louisiana Trillium)

    Oops! I didn't recognize the flower either. Thank you Paphluvr for the heads up.
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    Applause please

    Never Eric. I was specifically referring to the right wing nuts trying to restrict voting and spreading The Big Lie. Equality means everybody!
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    Anyone growing Phal. philippinensis?

    My other species Phals. are blooming beautifully, but philippinensis seems to require rather different culture. Any hints as to what I may be missing?
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    Phrag Calurium

    Amen Brother SK!!!! Is the flower fragrant?
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    Trillium ludovicianum (Louisiana Trillium)

    Those leaves don't require a flower! Gorgeous foliage and secretly I'm looking forward to seeing the flower(s).
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    Who Likes to Cook

    The correct kneading is the yoga part. I don't braid unless it's a special occasion. I just divide the dough into two bread pans since I give one away to my nephew and his husband. Braiding is easy; the hard part is dividing the dough evenly to get properly proportioned braids. Takes a LOT of...