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  1. Ray

    Crushed oyster shell top dressing Paphs

    Yes, that is my understanding. It must contain a lot more minerals than my water does...
  2. Ray

    Crushed oyster shell top dressing Paphs

    I was referring to calcium nitrate as a source of Ca, not as the only fertilizer (although the orchids at the Huntington Botanical Gardens are grown that way). I’ve used K-Lite exclusively for 8-9 years now, and the N is from calcium nitrate, and my plants all look great.
  3. Ray

    Crushed oyster shell top dressing Paphs

  4. Ray

    Crushed oyster shell top dressing Paphs

    If you can find calcined oyster shell (that product might be), it will be better, as the firing produces micro cracks that increases the surface area. I really don’t see a problem using calcium nitrate. Plants that are not actively growing don’t need to absorb calcium. Plants that are...
  5. Ray

    Marriott Orchids Facebook Paph Sales Group!

    I could be wrong, but I heard that Hadley had been ill for a while....
  6. Ray

    Crushed oyster shell top dressing Paphs

    Is it wise to equate the performance of ferns that tend to be invasive (i.e., can grow anywhere) to orchids that are niche plants? I'm not saying it's not applicable, but the broad statement seems risky.
  7. Ray

    Who Likes to Cook

    Yeah, and I’ve read stuff that says that’s BS, too.
  8. Ray

    Who Likes to Cook

    I like to cook, but my focus lies more on pork and poultry, and I've recently begun experimenting with vegetable substitutes for starches, such as spiralized zucchini and yellow squash replacing spaghetti in my Italian cooking, or a "fried rice" made with cauliflower. Many years ago, I took a...
  9. Ray


    Should be just fine.
  10. Ray

    Armeniacum - unusual blooming behavior

    Well done, Tennis. I suspect you'd see that pretty commonly in large colonies in the wild. You can break down plant resource utilization into three categories - maintenance, growth, and reproduction. As it absorbs and processes its various inputs - water air, nutrients, light - it first keeps...
  11. Ray

    Anitum questions

    What does the foliage of adductum look like? I acquired a plant so labeled a couple of years ago, but I swear, with pointy leaf tips, it looks more like a phrag than a Paph. No flowers yet - it’s a really slow grower - but over the last few months it has sprouted two new growths and the one...
  12. Ray

    Thank You Chuck Acker

    I’m really tempted on those acclimated kovachiis, but I wonder if my summers are still too warm... S/H?
  13. Ray

    Two multifloral hybrids in bloom

    Paph. Memoria Bob Cox
  14. Ray

    Paph leaf issue, next episode: gratrixianum

    Sorry...missed that. It appears to be very chemically stable, and is sold in a glass bottle with sprayer. I have used the cinnamon leaf oil on both plants (1% in isopropanol - I have never tried it undiluted) and myself (straight from the bottle) to cure a persistent toenail fungus issue...
  15. Ray

    Paph leaf issue, next episode: gratrixianum

    I just took a look at their website, and they claim the now ship to EU - but I have no idea the cost. A little goes a long way.
  16. Ray

    Paph leaf issue, next episode: gratrixianum

    I buy it from, but I don’t know where it might be available in Europe. Their stuff originates in Sri Lanka.
  17. Ray

    Applause please

    No photo - it didn’t happen!
  18. Ray

    Paph. Shirley Amundson

    I used one in a 14' x 18', but size, glazing, and temperature will al play a role. I went with a radiant type as the convection types (attached) tend to burn "dirtier".
  19. Ray

    Crushed oyster shell top dressing Paphs

    That's possible, I suppose, but how will you know? The microbes are aerobic though, so I wonder if being submerged "shuts them down" for a bit. This article compares 3 different tests, and only one of them uses a "dilution factor" as high as 2:1. Unfortunately, they only give results for EC...
  20. Ray

    Paph. Shirley Amundson

    Yes, a 20-year collection, about half of which were self-collected (pre-CITES) or purchased while on business trips to South America and China. In the years that followed, I bought a gas heater that did not require electricity for the controls, and always had a backup propane radiant heater that...