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  1. Justin

    Paph volunteanum (blooming this time)

  2. Justin

    First Bloom Paph Haynaldianum

    Yours is about as dark as I have seen. Mine started blooming about nine years from flask. That is probably a long time, but I grow indoors so things are slower for me. They are pretty vigorous plants actually.
  3. Justin

    First Bloom Paph Haynaldianum

    @JimNJ I am growing out a flask of this cross and have bloomed five so far. They are very good to excellent. My best one had five flowers. This is how most of them have generally looked with varying degrees of horizontal petals and chunky segments. Also showed one of the OK ones so you can see...
  4. Justin

    Paph. rothschildianum (2010)

    Top quality. Also curious about the cross.
  5. Justin

    First Roth flask

    I was awful tempted by that cross. Should be great.
  6. Justin

    Paphiopedilum "maybe"

    Guessing PEOY x anitum
  7. Justin

    Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin

    super WOW!
  8. Justin

    A Few Spring Paphs

    Ha yes, will post some pics soon before I self it. Also sending out pollen this weekend. :)
  9. Justin

    Paphiopedilum vietnamiense

    Definitely HCM. Nice one though! I have grown quite a few vietnamense. They are pretty difficult, although the most recent batch of two I have from Taiwan does pretty well. I believe a lot of plants with the vietnamense label are either Ho Chi Min or, Ho Chi Min x vietnamense. So I have three...
  10. Justin

    First Roth flask

    Looking perfect. What is the cross?
  11. Justin

    Paph Wossner Black Wings

    Very difficult to grow from seedling. I have killed several. My mature plant loves constant moisture. I have it in an Orchiata/sponge roc/charcoal.mix with lots of sphagnum moss. Grown in relative shade too. It is a vigorous outlier that blooms every few years or so.
  12. Justin

    Taiwanese Rothschildianum

    Really good one!
  13. Justin


    A few years back growers in Taiwan were showing photos of line-bred sanderianums that looked very much not like sanderianum...wide dorsals, dark ovaries, and odd-looking staminodes. They look for all the world like an MK back cross. These plants have of course made their way into the trade as...
  14. Justin

    A Few Spring Paphs

    Big plants under 65 watt LED, but the mature roths also get a western window (not pictured), so lots of direct sun in the summer, at which point i reduce the hours of LED on that shelf. Seedlings are under single 48" LED strips, like 30-38 watts.
  15. Justin

    Paph Via Ojai 'Sylvia' HCC/AOS

    Division from Hadley Cash. Great vigorous grower that blooms every year. This year's flower is the best yet. Sometimes the pouch can be a little off center, but this year it was perfect!
  16. Justin

    A Few Spring Paphs

    These... And 4' strip LED for the seedling shelves
  17. Justin

    A Few Spring Paphs

    That is a late bloom of Via Ojai...and also a Jack Tonkin. Will be posting that in a separate thread.
  18. Justin

    Taiwanese Rothschildianum

    Really nice! I
  19. Justin

    Paph rothschildianum 'Borneo' FCC/AOS

    If anyone wants pollen let me know. I will also self it next time...