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  1. GuRu

    Mint Chocolate

    Tony, seems there is a contradiction in different sites of KEW. Your mentioned source KEWScience Paph leucochilum says accepted i.e. by H. Koopowitz (2012) but Koopowitz himself wrote in his book 'Tropical Slipper Orchids' (2008) about this it would be Paph. godefroyae var. leucochilum. One of...
  2. GuRu

    Paphiopedilum leucochilum

    This seems to be an important point to me and may be true.
  3. GuRu

    Mint Chocolate

    Tony, this must be a misconception. Look at KEW 'The Plant List' it lists Paph. leucochilum as synonym of Paph godefroyae. Also the 'RHS Orchid Register' lists the pollen parent of Paph Mint Chocolate as Paph. godefroyae.
  4. GuRu

    paphiopedilum insigne var. sanderianum

    Very nice one and not often seen.
  5. GuRu

    New Paphiopedilum from breeding in Thailand

    Nice ones and good quality plants.
  6. GuRu

    Mint Chocolate

    Tony, please tell me who says this?
  7. GuRu

    guess the mystery Paph in bud

    Hakone, I've been growing a sibling plant of Berthold's plant. Hopefully it will flower in 1-2 years time than I can serve with a photo but not before. Maybe you can find a photo in Berthold's forum?
  8. GuRu

    guess the mystery Paph in bud

    Yep, I've been growing one since few years and I saw photos of its flower.
  9. GuRu

    Paph. concolor x thaianum

    Agreed and yes these are lovely flowers.
  10. GuRu

    Paph. venustum

    Very elegant flowers with good proportions. I like them.
  11. GuRu

    Paphiopedilum leucochilum

    Both are lovely flowers no doubt but sorry to say this least the left one is no leucochilum just P. godefroyae and by the right one it depends of it whether someone bends the rule or not. If you accept P. godefroyae f. leucochilum (KEW doesn't accept it) than it distinguishes by P...
  12. GuRu

    Wenshanense var. aureum blooming again

    Very impressive and all what the previous speakers wrote too. Congrats
  13. GuRu

    Paph fowleii alba

    Lovely flower. The flowers of P. fowleii seem always as if the were a number too big for the plant.
  14. GuRu

    An alba flower opens again today

    I agree completely and also the foliage on the firts photo looks P. insigne like. Anyway it's a nice flower.
  15. GuRu

    guess the mystery Paph in bud

    Nice story which came to a good end. Regarding the plant Ho Chi Minh might be a good guess but other crosses might be possible too. I can't see influence of P. malipoense because the flower stalk is too short.
  16. GuRu

    Mint Chocolate

    Wow, what an elegant flower, very impressive. 👍
  17. GuRu

    Paph. henryanum

    If the photo shows the colours's a very intense coloured P. henryanum, furthermore shape and stance are good. Altogether you can be very pleased with it and if I were you....I would be it too. Congrats!
  18. GuRu

    Watercolour painting - Coelogyne ochracea var. alba

    Love your watercolour paintings, Kate. Seems you are a very talented and skillfull person. My wife and me like watercolour paintings and we brought back home one or two as a souvenir from almost every holidays. Even when we visited UK, one from the Lake District and one from Whitby, its motive...
  19. GuRu

    Hookerae selected

    After seeing both photos I must admit, yeah both are beauties!
  20. GuRu

    Some P.godefroyae/leucochilum

    Yeah, can't contradict!