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  1. Justin

    Batch of tigrinums

  2. Justin

    Paphiopedilum Sanderianum

    Gorgeous. Using a humidifier and watering daily can help push the petals extend further. But even if the petals stay where they are it is already beautiful!
  3. Justin

    Slow growing rust discolouration around base of Paph. kolopakingii

    Bacterial rot. I would remove that leaf and treat the plant quickly with Phyton 27. Roberts has it: Home INDEX
  4. Justin

    Paphiopedilum parishii ‘Seven BridesMaids’

    Nice. I just bloomed my first one last year. Neat species.
  5. Justin

    rothschildianum 'Charles Edwards'

    Nice! Congrats.
  6. Justin

    A fresh start

    Tony you are legit. Nice growing.
  7. Justin

    rothschildianum 'Charles Edwards'

    Tony keep us posted on how the second flower turns out. Great special plant for sure.
  8. Justin

    Paph. armeniacum

    Super amazing Tennis.
  9. Justin

    Paph. tigrinum

    This is super awesome. Great growing. I am missing some of these in my collection!
  10. Justin

    rothschildianum 'Charles Edwards'

    Here is my plant, bought in spike in 2012. It hasn't re-bloomed since then, but is now in 3 pots :) Also included some reference photos. This clone has a distinctive u-shaped leaf habit.
  11. Justin

    rothschildianum 'Charles Edwards'

    Yep. I think that is who I got my division from in 2012. I will post some photos in a few.
  12. Justin

    rothschildianum 'Charles Edwards'

    Appears to be the real Mccoy. Will habe better form on a bigger plant.
  13. Justin

    Orchid Inn order

    Hi Bob--Probably going to grab another roth flask. I got one of the flasks from his other GM sib cross last fall when he was out here but can always use more :) My seedlings from 2007-2010 flasks are blooming or on second/third blooming. A bunch are still coming up, but always good to keep the...
  14. Justin

    Orchid Inn order

    Gorgeous plants. I am thinking of getting a flask.
  15. Justin

    Old school rothschildianum

  16. Justin

    My multiflorals and roths crosses in bloom

    What is the parentage on the roth? It has nice wide petals.
  17. Justin

    Anyone have adductum pollen? (USA)

    why not use the anitum pollen?
  18. Justin

    Some paph species currently in bloom

    excited for the last one!
  19. Justin

    New seedlings

    anitum can be a really difficult species to grow, so you clearly have some skills! Great job.