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    Phrag. Saint Rich

    gotta love yellow phrags.... maybe i'll start riffing on @NYEric's posts.... yeah yellow phrags!!!
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    Paphiopedilum parishii

    dorsal appears very clear of markings.......
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    Phragmipedium besseae flavum help please

    Since you've said 'RO' a few times in your replies, i'm assuming you mix your K-lite in RO as your base water. Have you measured the conductivity of the fertilizer solution you apply on your plants recently? The reason i ask is that I've noticed an increased sensitivity to salts as the...
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    Paphiopedilum parishii

    if you find a source please keep me in mind. i'd probably drive to canada to get that... :-)
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    Phrag. Afrter-Glo

    what's the plant and inflorescence look like?
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    Paphiopedilum parishii

    ditto ..the color on those petals looks yummy
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    Paphiopedilum St. Swithin

    that looks great!!!
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    Paphiopedilum St. Swithin

    posting this as much to see the feedback as to offer alternatives.... For me, my detriment to future success always seems to be tied to the health of the center of the pot. Presented with what you have, i'd merely be looking from the bottom into the center for dead roots you can remove, while...
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    yawsa!!! that's amazing.... There's a grower of these in Tom Perlites' greenhouse outside San Fran. Amazing collection... Can't remember his name. Bruce Rogers was waxing rhapsodic about them on my first visit. i was just, and am with yours, in awe. Very cool plants.
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    Hookerae selected

    interesting thought about the light... i may have to see if i can move it out a little... maybe with the javanicum and sangii...
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    Paph ?????

    i rescind my 'Julius' suggestion :-)
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    Hookerae selected

    pretty much the same... i have a feeling that the spot where i am growing all the low light guys is a little dead for air movement... i added a small fan there last week. since these were still in 2 1/2" pots, they are in my seedling mix.. small kiwi, perlite and stones, with some sand...
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    Hookerae selected

    Definitely like these two. I just rotted out the second one from Sam yesterday :-( maybe try again next year...
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    Phrag Cardinal

    and to anyone else wondering, no Marilyn doesn't have any of these... 2 of us have already asked :-)
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    Phrag. Audrey - confessions of a phrag addict

    (not to overly sidetrack this thread - because this cross - Audrey - is certainly a beaut! ) Chuck is definitely a simple way to jump in... in order to send you the flask, he's basically done the stressful part of getting plantlets from the flask... all you have to do is let them fall...
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    Paph ?????

    looks like Julius (lowii x roth) her's mine from Sam
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    Cym sinense 'Rue Ha'

    got this from Ten Shin when he spoke at SEPOS back in 2015. Sorry no flower photos, but it's a named clone (orchid web has it listed with an accompanying video). I was going to break it up to sell it off on ebay, but thought i'd offer it here first. Seedlings need the bench space... so it has...
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    Paph A. de Lairesse

    (curtisii x roth) nice example in a 5 1/4 " azalea pot... need to clear out some bench space... in flower now (second bud just opening). Multiple blooming sized growths. 30$ + shipping. I'd rather sell local (Philadelphia, PA area) since the inflorescence is unlikely to survive shipping...
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    Kocide instead of Phyton?

    Anybody using Kocide in their maintenance programs instead of phyton? Just wondering if anyone can wax rhapsodic about their practical experience with both, or just with Kocide?
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    New Greenhouse

    Isn't it funny that 'small' appears less complicated, and typically is actually more complex....