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  1. tomkalina

    Paph. Hung Sheng Tango

    In bud. Hope it turns out as good as the others.
  2. tomkalina

    Phrag. besseae - Peruvian vs Ecuadorean flower color.

    Thought I'd post a comparison of flower color between one of our Peruvian and one of our Ecuadorean clones. Not a dramatic difference, but enough to make us favor the Peruvian clone when it comes to producing Phrag. besseae seedlings or hybridizing for red flower color.
  3. tomkalina

    Phrag. Sherman's March 'Fox Valley' AM/AOS

    Blooming this morning on a small division, in a sunny greenhouse. As you would expect, this grex (MDC x B. LeAnn) is simialr to Phrag. Fox Valley Fireball. Love the color saturation.
  4. tomkalina

    Phrag. d'alessandroi 'DD#2'

    Purchased originally from Dennis D'alessandro way back in the day when he had an orchid range in Ecuador, this clone is one of the most vigorous of our five clones.
  5. tomkalina

    Fox Valley Orchids, Ltd. and eBay

    Hi All, Not sure if any of you are aware that we use Blue Genesis as our long time website hosting service. Recently, Blue Genesis changed to a portal based configuration and after two solid weeks of trying and a ton of back and forth emails, we still can't figure out how to update our online...
  6. tomkalina

    Phrag. lindleyanum 'Birchwood' AM-AOS

    In bloom this morning in a shady greenhouse on a rainy day. Five flowers and six buds on a 30 inch long inflorescence.
  7. tomkalina

    Fox Valley Orchids, Ltd. - Greenhouse, Spring 2020.

    Thought you all might like to see the magical place I'm lucky enough to work in every day. I thought the Redbud tree branches (Cercis canadensis) in front added to the photo interest.
  8. tomkalina

    Phrag. Grouville 4N

    (Eric Young x Hanne Popow) - In bloom this morning in a blindingly sunny greenhouse. Looks like Phrag. besseae fma flavum might have been used in at least one of the parents if not both.
  9. tomkalina

    Phrag. Rosalie Dixler 'Fox Valley' AM/AOS

    Welcome to this year's rendition of one of our best red Phrag. breeders. Very sunny in the gh this morning, so the colors a little washed out. Flower substance is heavy.
  10. tomkalina

    Phrag. Cuzco Blood 'Twin Sisters' AM-AOS

    Phrag. (Mem. Dick Clements x humboldtii). In bloom this afternoon in a shady greenhouse. Looks like this inflorescence will have three flowers. May self this one to get seedlings.
  11. tomkalina

    Phrag. Waunakee Sunset 'Peachy'

    In bloom this morning in a cloudy greenhouse; this clone continues to amaze me with it's subtle color and form. Enjoy your plants everyone, and please stay safe in these difficult times.
  12. tomkalina

    Phrag. d'alessandroi 'DD#2'

    One of our first acquisitions of this beautiful species purchased years ago from it's namesake. I love the elegant petal stance and parfait-orange color.
  13. tomkalina

    Happy Easter!

    Phalaenopsis MS Happy Dolly 'MBL039' - In bloom this morning. Bought this beautiful 'French Spot" (For you old timers out there). Thirty years ago, this quality flower w a 8.7cm HNS would fetch hundreds of dollars. We bought this mericlone during Hausermann's Open House last year for $19.95 . It...
  14. tomkalina

    Phrag. Summer Sun 'Fox Valley' AM/AOS

    A bit over-exposed on a sunny morning in the greenhouse.
  15. tomkalina

    Paph. haynaldianum 'Birchwood'

    One of Dr. Clement's favorite multiflorals from years gone by. It grew poorly until we moved it to a shadier and warmer greenhouse location and it slowly it began to recover. I checked the tag and it said the last time it bloomed was 2012, so it's been a long road back. Only one flower this...
  16. tomkalina

    Phrag. besseae fma flavum 'D'Oro' 4N

    Our second division in bloom this morning in a sunny greenhouse. Horizontal Natural Spread = 8.2 cm. This flower was self pollinated soon after I took the photo.
  17. tomkalina

    Phrag. besseae fma flavum 'D'Oro' 4N

    Thought you might like to see one of our two divisions of this beautiful clone that's blooming today in a cloudy greenhouse. Apologies for the blue gloves - I've been repotting some seedlings. But the gloves do provide a great background for a yellow flower!
  18. tomkalina

    Paph. Hung Sheng Tango (leucochilum x anitum)

    Two of the five remaining plants have a bloom sheath just emerging from the leaf axil, and should bloom in 3-4 weeks.
  19. tomkalina

    Phrag. d'alessandroi 'Alan's Gift'

    In bloom this morning in a sunny greenhouse, this clone was named in honor of our friend Alan Moon who left this Veil of Tears too soon.
  20. tomkalina

    Deleting Posts

    Hi Angie, Is there a way to delete a post once it's posted? Several times lately, I've double-entered a post and can't use the Thread Tools to get rid of the redundant one. Thanks, TomK