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  1. Michael Bonda

    Wanted Paph. Angel Hair, PEOY, Michael Koop

    In am looking mature growth BS or multiple growth of the above as well as any other sanderanium hybrids (Michael Koop x sand, Angel Hair x sand, PEOY x Sand. etc). Thank you!
  2. Michael Bonda

    Charlesworthii v. alba x self surprise

    Checking slippers this am. My Charles. alba in spike again and had to tell someone! (Open Flower is from January’s bloom)
  3. Michael Bonda

    Paph. Lady Isabel x gigantefolium

    Very happy with this cross: Lady Isabel ‘Crown’ x gigan ‘Hsinying’
  4. Michael Bonda

    Best source for culture supplies

    Hello I have been reading and doing research on pollinating and growing paphs and phrags from seed. I would like to attempt this while I still could enjoy the hobby before age sets in. I will start with a few Phalaenopsis then I plan on starting with phrags for slippers. Could someone tell me...
  5. Michael Bonda

    Paph. St. Swithin

    A very long petal St. Swithin that finally bloomed after 5 years....
  6. Michael Bonda

    Phrags in bloom.....

    My schlimii Such tiny flowers:
  7. Michael Bonda

    My multiflorals and roths crosses in bloom

    Here’s my small collection in current bloom: Paph. rothschildianum Paph. roths x Johanna Burkhardt: Paph. roth x Yang-Ji Diamond Paph. Lady Rothschild: Paph. stonei x anitum: Paph. Mem. Miguel Medina x gardneri: Paph. QF Hula Dancer:
  8. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. Eumelia Arias

    Phrag. kovachii x schlimii first bloom
  9. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. Ruby Slippers

    besseae x caudatum: first bloom of this plant......3 flowers may be open at same time if I am lucky..... I am not a good photographer......if any suggestions I will re-take.....
  10. Michael Bonda

    Anyone care to help identify hybrid?

    Here are photos of a Paph multifloral without a label that I purchased. If anyone is interested in guessing the cross, all suggestions would be appreciated. The seller did not know.........only guessed..... The foliage is compact (like gardeneri or wilhelminiae, possibly adductum). It likely has...
  11. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. Identification help

    Hello I picked up this Phrag at a local orchid show (Tampa) from a local nursery (Palmer Orchids). It was labeled as Paph William Amber which of course it is not. I am wondering if it is a besseae primary hybrid with lindleyanum = Andean Fire since red and wide low petals (or with...
  12. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. Cardinale

    Hello Looking for a mature BS or multi growth Phrag. Cardinale (‘Birchwood’ ‘Wilcox’ or others). Thank you
  13. Michael Bonda

    Phrag QF Leina’ala first bloom

    My Phrag. QF Leina’ala (Conchiferum X Incan Treasure) first bloom opened. My quest for a Phrag. Schroederae look a like with kovachii continues.........
  14. Michael Bonda

    Can someone confirm if Phrag is labeled correctly

    Hello The label on this Phrag is Q.F. Naukana Kealoha x Nicolle Tower. Any opinions? Thank you. To me it looks like Nicholle Tower......
  15. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. Schroederae

    Looking for Phragmipedium Schroederae BS or mature plant. Thank you
  16. Michael Bonda

    Looking for Phragmipedium Schroederae

    New to the site. Been growing, mostly buying and then caring for, slippers since 1990. I had several blooming P. Schroederae mature plants prior to 2010 and need to add to my collection again. It is my favorite of all Phrags......maybe of all slippers..... maybe of all orchids.....maybe if all...