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  1. J

    Alba appletonianum

    Try Paph paradise. I think he has some listed.
  2. J

    Phrag. Albopurpeum wanted

    You may want to try Marilyn and Windy Hill. It isn’t on her site right now but if you email, she will check her stock of divisions/ one offs
  3. J

    Phrag Fritz Schomburg

    So far no flexing since it opened.
  4. J

    Phrag Fritz Schomburg

    As to color it is slightly lighter than the darker picture. Really a great deep raspberry. It is the darkest of any of the Fritz’s I have.
  5. J

    Phrag Fritz Schomburg

    Thanks all. I don’t know the parents, I picked it up from Popow mid 2019.
  6. J

    Phrag Fritz Schomburg

    Haven’t been posting much recently but thought this one was worth sharing.
  7. J

    Phragmipedium Hanne Popow

    Chuck just posted a remake of these. New flasks available early next year.
  8. J

    A little help from my friends

    I have been looking at it in comparison to my division of Cinnamon Fire (also in bloom now). The pouch is a bit too round and closed. The color has been pretty consistent even on last year’s blooming.
  9. J

    A little help from my friends

    I actually think I picked up here. Possibly as part of one of the auctions. I am not upset just trying to figure out what it is.
  10. J

    A little help from my friends

    Hi All, Hoping to draw on the collective knowledge of the group. I have a plant blooming out and trying to confirm if it’s label is correct. Labeled as a Fox Valley Fireball. It is very pale as you can see from the pictures. What do you guys think? I like the bloom and just wanted to see...
  11. J

    Global Virtual Orchid Show April 4, 2020

    Twitter is jumping too. Lots of great pictures up there. This was a great idea.
  12. J

    Need help/odd phrag spots turning transparent

    I had very similar damage on a large besseae a couple of years ago. I never did discover if it was an infection but the plant fully recovered. There we some theories that it was an over hydration issue.
  13. J

    Phrag pollen

    How many buds does it have? I have a besseae in spike now, flowers won’t be open for another 1-2 weeks. Happy to send you some if the timing lines up.
  14. J

    Phragmipedium Purple Wave

    That is spectacular.
  15. J

    Phrag. Wossner Dirndl 'Garnet Hope' x kovachii 'Plum Brother'

    This one is one of mine from earlier this year.
  16. J

    Phrag. Ice Princess

    Where are you located?
  17. J

    Paph. forum, - DC

    Many were from Hadley, some from attendees, and Phipps. I don’t have names other than if you can zoom in on the names in the pictures, sorry, i was trying to grab some group shots. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  18. J

    Paph. forum, - DC

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  19. J

    Paph. forum, - DC

    I’ll post some pics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  20. J

    Paph. forum, - DC

    Sorry all had a draft push through. Updated address. The Paph Forum will meet on Saturday, January 26 at the North Chevy Chase Christian Church Harlow Hall at 8814 Kensington Parkway, Chevy Chase, Md. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro