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  1. ramadayapati

    Peloric Paphiopedilum Arete

    I bought the flask from a grower in Malaysia back in 2011 as a primary hybrid between Paph. spicerianum x Paph. concolor (= Paph. Arete). Some seedlings looks crimped on their shoots and producing very unstable ugly flower. This photo below is the fifth clone blooming and has the worst mutation...
  2. ramadayapati

    Deformation in agroclimate differences

    These are three specimen from three different species with three different locality and habitat. All Barbata section. The photos on the top were taken recently under lowland condition, conventional cultivation controlled by heavy fogging (6 S - 106 E, min. temperature, night 20 C - max...
  3. ramadayapati

    Paph. (Shun-Fa Golden x Ice Castle)

    I bought the flask at 20th WOC in Singapore from Tokyo Orchid Nursery, and here's the first bloom, waiting for another 3 to develop. The shape is quite unusual and the pouch looks unbalance. Lack of spots and to be honest i dont really like the pale color.
  4. ramadayapati

    Orchid weevil, the most damaging pest in Indonesia

    I've been dealing with this particular pest since the first time cultivating orchids back in time. Orchid weevil / Orchidophilus atterimus / Curculionidae is a native species from tropical Asia especially Indonesia, my homeland. I spotted them in the natural vegetation several times during...
  5. ramadayapati

    Paphiopedilum primulinum and its varieties

    These four wild specimens collected from Mt. Leuser (normal), Rantauprapat and Tebing Tinggi regency (var. purpurascens), Sumatra, Indonesia over than 20 years ago. We can see the color gradation between them, from pure albinism, intermediate, and pigmented. I'm tended to make some sibling cross...
  6. ramadayapati

    Some variation of Paph. victoria-mariae

    I took the photos from a local nursery in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, several years back. All wild specimens from the same provenans. Most of the specimen has very long silly rumpled flower stalks so i need to be selective in order to using them for further hybrid program and those are the...
  7. ramadayapati

    Paphiopedilum liemianum sibling cross

    Hi all, Just wanna share what i've been done with Indonesian local species. Paph.liemianum been my favorite as a seed parent since they're adaptable in hot humid climate and fairly adaptive with saline and alkaline water. Recently i've made a sibling cross from two different clones from this...
  8. ramadayapati

    Unregistered primary hybrid

    Hi all I got this hybrid from a local breeder in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia and found its havent been named yet. Well, the vegetative part is enormously huge in size and pretty ugly but i like the flower soft tone color also the sequential flower inherited from the female parent...
  9. ramadayapati

    Paphiopedilum javanicum flasking

    Hi all, I think this is my first post ever in this forum after following over more than two years. Im working currently in a private company who owns an in-vitro lab and the owner gave me a privileged to produce orchid flasking both from seeds and meristems. This is my first sowed...