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    Forum software update overnight

    The software was updated overnight. It is pretty much the same. One difference is to watch or mark read for a forum, that is now on the top dark bar, on the right side. Also now instead of a little man icon in the top right, you will now see your member name. Please let me know of any...
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    Moderators needed

    I have just seen some posting in a thread about no moderators. At this time there are not any, but I sure could use one or two. So if you know of someone that was a moderator, or if you were one - please send me a message. If you have a suggestion of someone that is balanced in the reading...
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    How long did it take you to learn how to spell the proper names of the all beautiful orchids and other flowers I see on the forum? I'm impressed with the flowers (all of them), but even more so with the spectacular spelling of their names. So, how long did it take you?
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    How to post, and how to include a photo

    1. Find the forum that you think will best fit the topic of your question or information. 2. Click on the title of that forum, and it will open up to show you the existing threads of conversations. If one fits your topic, read it and then if you need more information post a reply asking for...
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    Questions and Comments about new software.

    Please ask your questions about the new software here. 1. The images that are showing a red X are being worked on. I would expect them to be fixed at some time during the day. 2. Opt out of ads is done by using the little man icon in the upper right corner. Once User Control Panel opens...