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    How to raise humidity indoors

    Well it's raining like Hell outside and I don't need to raise humidity. But I have time to read online and found the following interesting enough to copy the abstract here: Evapotranspiration from Spider and Jade Plants Can Improve Relative Humidity in an Interior Environment Eric W...
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    Large P.kovachii seedlings

    Alfredo Manrique is bringing a limited number of plants from Peru for sale to the AOS meeting in California on Oct 19th. He has asked me to let ST forum members know that he is taking pre orders. The large P. kovachii seedlings are a self cross of his 'Jessica' clone. Plant size is shown in...
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    Light intensity measurement

    8.4 µmol•m-2•day-1 PAR. Please can someone tell me approximately how this measurement converts to LUX or FC?
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    Large Phals lots of spikes!

    Here are a few of our Phalaenopsis plants that I've been experimenting with. Most have about 30" LS. I'm pretty happy with the results so far.
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    Todays post

    Todays post is there a delay?
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    Orchid scheme nipped in bud

    Oops he got busted! http://www.pressreader.com/usa/los-angeles-times/20151031/281779922993750/TextView
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    Roots and Nutrients and Leaves

    There is some discussion about how roots take in nutrients on another thread, but a little off topic and distracting. So here is a place to discuss and argue about it. How roots take in nutrients is not really well know about orchids. Do non active roots take in nutrients? Do roots only...
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    Old Greenhouses - Sad but beautiful

    This will make you sad but it is really worth looking at. Old Greenhouses :sob::sob::sob:
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    Heat tolerant Cymbidiums

    Does any one a source for heat tolerant Cymbidium plants?
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    Grow Lights for SALE

    I have 2 250w MH lights that Idont need any longer. These are not fancy units but they work perfectly. The reflectors are homemade. The balasts are separate and can be located remotely from the lights. I hung the two reflectors about 4 feet above the plants and they covered a 3' x10' bench...
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    Dragons Blood

    A lot of members have been asking me for Dragons Blood. If you want some let me know either here of by PM. I'll be in Calif. next week and will have a limited supply available (first come, first served). If you have any questions I'll try to respond as quickly as possible.
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    Paphiopedilum stonei wild in situ

    I asked a friend in Sarawak if he had a picture of what he considered a healthy natural growing wild Paph plant. He sent a picture of Paph stonei that he took recently and said it is part of a new population he found. Look at the picture and you can see what a normal wild Paph looks like...
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    High and Cold in Peru.

    Sitting here freezing in Puerto Maldonado's first friaje of the season reminded me about the pictures I keep meaning to share. Last August we found this beautiful orchid species growing in the highlands way up where the alpaca live. 4285 meters altitude and 4c degrees temperature! I can't find...
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    Plants Rights

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    How to calculate the percentage of shade? If a greenhouse roof has a 50% shade factor and a lower shade cloth of 50% is placed under it what is the resulting percent of shade? Does logic apply?
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    Merry Christmas from Ida and Amaryllis

    Popping up to smile after a farmer cleared the over brush!
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    The Real Avatar

    David Suzuki made this documentary for our good friend Antonio. Over the last 15 years Belinda and I have been to most of the places in this film and know many of the people. I am impressed with the accuracy and truth that Mr Suzuki integrated into this film. If you have not seen it watch it...
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    Ecuador Orchid video

    This is nice! Orchids Ecuador
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    Phragmipedium Graeme Jones

    We visited Alfredo Manrique in Lima a couple days ago. On his bench he had this very nice PK hybrid. This is a first bloom seedling and Alfredo said it is the second plant of the cross to bloom so far. The flower has been open a couple weeks and the petals are extremely flat. Unfortunately...
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    What Plants Talk About

    I had not seen this documentary until today. What Plants Talk About It is very interesting. One section touches on communication between sibling plants. This would relate to planting deflasked orchid seedlings in community pots. Warning! Vegans might not want to watch this program.