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    Paph. sanderianum spike!

    Thanks all! I purchased this from carter and holmes couple of years ago. Will see how long the petals can go in this heat wave.
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    Paph. sanderianum spike!

    They are so much larger than I imagined! Petals are still growing, around 21 inches so far.
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    Paph. sanderianum spike!

    Sometime this week hopefully! I propped this up a foot or so so the petals can cascade over the side table it is sitting on.
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    Paph. sanderianum spike!

    This sandie is growing next to the Paph. stonei that recently flowered on the office ledge, found a spike forming today! How long does it usually take to from this stage to the first bloom unfurling? Experienced growers of this species, any other tips?
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    Paph stonei in the office

    Yes! It's a Tillandsia andreana that blooms quite happily in that corner
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    Paph stonei in the office

    Thanks all! Just me in here :rollhappy:
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    Paph stonei in the office

    Haven't posted in a while. Here's a first bloom stonei that I've been growing in an office ledge with a 20W LED supplemental light. The spike kinda snuck up on me a month ago and now here it is!
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    S. Gratrix

    Very nice! It looks like a big flower
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    Phrag. Cotton Candy

    Lovely name lovely bloom
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    Phalaenopsis violacea Norton blue & friends

    Really nice trio! Group shot is great.
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    Erythrone's garden 2016

    Absolutely beautiful!
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    Ascocentrum christensonianum 'Wacousta' AM/AOS

    Beautiful. Congrats!
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    Phalaenopsis San Shia Appendo (pulcherrima fma. alba x appendiculata fma. alba)

    Thanks all! The appendiculata also exaggerates and spreads the lips a bit. Angela, this came mounted and I took it off the mount because I can't really grow stuff mounted here. It's probably not as happy now..
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    Phalaenopsis San Shia Appendo (pulcherrima fma. alba x appendiculata fma. alba)

    Got this at Redland from loc. I quite like this soft pink shade from the interaction of the two alba forms. Hope to one day grow this well.
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    Just a regular Neo

    Thanks, all! I think I finally understand the obsession over this species which has such a long history. There's much to be appreciated that's difficult to quantify.
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    Cypripedium acaule

    So cool!
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    Just a regular Neo

    Thanks, all! : ) I'm pleased that this is able to flower here. It seems there's so much variation with seed grown 'Amami Island' cultivars (this is one of these), but this one does stay compact, which I like a lot. Glad you think it's nice, thanks!
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    Just a regular Neo

    Thanks : ) You have some amazing Neos!
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    Just a regular Neo

    It's nice to have something that is fragrant at night! I'm really glad I got this regular Amami island Neo to try out. I kept it outside for a month during our 'winter' here and that worked to induce spiking : )
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    rothschildianum 'Mont Millais'