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    Paph. sanderianum spike!

    This sandie is growing next to the Paph. stonei that recently flowered on the office ledge, found a spike forming today! How long does it usually take to from this stage to the first bloom unfurling? Experienced growers of this species, any other tips?
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    Paph stonei in the office

    Haven't posted in a while. Here's a first bloom stonei that I've been growing in an office ledge with a 20W LED supplemental light. The spike kinda snuck up on me a month ago and now here it is!
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    Phalaenopsis San Shia Appendo (pulcherrima fma. alba x appendiculata fma. alba)

    Got this at Redland from loc. I quite like this soft pink shade from the interaction of the two alba forms. Hope to one day grow this well.
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    Just a regular Neo

    It's nice to have something that is fragrant at night! I'm really glad I got this regular Amami island Neo to try out. I kept it outside for a month during our 'winter' here and that worked to induce spiking : )
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    Orchids and redwoods

    It's Calypso bulbosa season in NorCal! Not the best quality because they're taken with an iPhone.. Goodyera pubescens (?) are not yet in bloom
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    Phalaenopsis Tzu Chiang Chrisna 'Fuller' AM/AOS

    Got this clone maybe two years ago, and it took a while to acclimate. Not a bad blooming this year, and they're so long lasting and are really fragrant!
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    Phalaenopsis sumatrana

    Looks quite different from when I bought it last year. It was a bit paler but now I'm quite pleased with the color. Doesn't smell nice tho : / kinda astringent and turpentiney
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    Phalaenopsis cochlearis

    This is quite possibly my new favorite species! It's not an easy grower though.. I haven't actually seen one in bloom until now, and has anyone else noticed that this is quite fragrant? It smells very strongly of orange blossoms to me. What a great surprise!
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    Phal. amabilis?

    Got this as amabilis var. grandiflora but the petals might be a bit too full/overlapping for it to be real even though the callus and midlobe of the lip are somewhat accurate for amabilis subsp. amabilis? Thoughts? I don't know the provenance of the plant unfortunately. But I guess it's...
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    Phalaenopsis fuscata

    I have grown this plant for a few years now and seems to not skip a beat this year even after a selfing. It's not flashy, but is quite pleasing I think.
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    Help with some ID

    These were spotted at Lambir Natl Park near Miri. Does anyone have any ideas? #1 #2 Here's also a cluster of Coelogyne foerstermanii by the river with some in flower. It's a great place for orchids. Wish I had more time to explore or had gone with orchid-inclined folks ; )
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    Orchid garden visit

    Worth a visit if you're ever in Kuching -- the most fun part being the sampan (wooden boat) ride across the Sarawak river. Here are some pics of species. They're really not too fond of labels or ID's for orchids there for some reason... :poke: 1. Grammatophyllum speciosum 2. phillipinensis...
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    Phal mariae

    First bloom plant that I got as a seedling. It almost died at one point, but it managed to survive. First time smelling this species -- it really does smell like tangerines. Pairs well with the bellinas that are blooming right now : )
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    Summer Phalaenopsis

    Some iPhone pics from the grow area. Two bellinas. Both first blooms ('B#3' on the left and a cross from Krull-Smith on the right). Tzu Chiang Tetralitz 'Little Heart' Hannover Passion
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    Coelogyne usitana

    I think this is one of the coolest Coelogyne species out there. Flower is bigger than expected and what most descriptions fail to say is that it is fragrant (here's another for you, Eric) and smells like honey to me.
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    Dendrobium crumenatum in the city

    Some impressions of Dendrobium crumenatum from a trip in March. These grow like weeds, and are a bit unruly : /
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    Cymbidium ensifolium '市長紅'/'Shi Zhang Hong'

    So.. I picked this up recently at Redland and what I thought were growths were not, go figure. Here we are today.
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    Phalaenopsis violacea fma. semi-alba from Orchidview

    Finally flowered a violacea! Again with the other species that I'm growing, it's probably only getting around 500 fc, and does not like like it when the light is higher than that. It also took over a year to acclimate to my home conditions. Phalaenopsis violacea fma. semi-alba NO857 'Morning...
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    Phalaenopsis appendiculata

    Currently in bloom is this Phal appendiculata, probably my favorite mini phal species. It has been flower for since April, but I didn't get a good picture until now.
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    Phalaenopsis corningiana 'Fernbrook' AM/AOS x 'Dowery'

    This is my favorite phal! Not getting the red as saturated on these, probably because these are grown indoors under lights with lower humidity. They're super fragrant (very sweet and grape-y) between 9-11 a.m., but don't really have much scent after noon.