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    Phrag Acker's Berry

    This is a new acquisition as of last week. I thought I'd share it with you all. I know the photo quality and the flower aren't that great. At least it gives you an idea of what it looks like.
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    Cattleya jenmanii alba

    This one bloomed a month early this year. Probably due the the cold snap a few weeks ago. The blooms are ranging between a natural spread of 10 to 13cm this time. Smaller this year than other years, but I'll gladly take the two spikes instead of just one. The fragrance is almost overpowering.
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    Phrag Fritz Schomburg

    Here are a couple of flower photos of my recently acquired FS The NS on this one is 4 3/8 inches as of today and still growing.
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    Vanda tricolor 'Michael Collin' FCC/AOS

    The anticipation is finally over. After a little over 2 years of growing this keiki, the first flower popped open this morning. It has a NS of 3 inches. I am very pleased to say the least.
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    Opinions of Fertilizers

    Hello all! I've been reading conflicting information about fertilizers. Go figure... Some say use a "balanced fertilizer", others a fertilizer with low phosphorus and yet others use blossom busters in the fall. So, what do y'all suggest for Phrags? Over the last few years I've been using a...
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    Phrag. besseae Hybrids vs. kovachii Hybrids

    I have heard recently that you should grow Phrag besseae hybrids more like you would besseae and grow kovachii hybrids like you would kovachii. So what happens in the case of Phrag Fritz Schomburg should it be grown slightly acidic or alkaline? Or does it really not care?
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    Greetings All!

    Thought I'd say hi to everyone and tell a bit about myself. I started as attempting to grow orchids in 1976. Yes, I'm no youngster.... I was ten then. It wasn't until 1981 that they started surviving for me. I am a hobbiest up with small collection of approximately 130 orchids. They are mostly...