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    Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel 'Magnificient'

    They are magnificent looking!!
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    Chiu Hua Dancer 'Wacky Worm' AM/AOS

    Awesome! Congratulations
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    windswept 2017

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    upstate ladies and marl works +

    This is an interesting thread I just stumbled upon while doing a search for "video editor". I live very close to here, let me know if you go back next spring. We have acaule at our camps in Forestport and I have a lot of large jack in the pulpits in the woods behind my house, as well as a few...
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    My Visit to the Huntington - Video Preview!

    It's a nice survey of the garden, you missed the roses though . But the voice over is a nice voice, with what I feel are interesting commentaries, I could see it being watchable by both plant snobs and your orchid or plant neophyte. Nice work! I have learned how hard it is making videos, my kids...
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    Mexipedium xerophyticum

    Nice plant, thanks for documenting its progress and culture tips!
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    First Paph flower-delenatii

    a double bud? nice!and I like how compact the leaves look, nice plant all around Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Looks like it took!

    Keep us posted!
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    Yellow Brachy

    It's like butter!
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    New Paph. species from Sulawesi described.

    A square looking pouch. Interesting! Thanks for the info
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    Japanese orchids

    A cool looking plant! The best effect in this case might be when the plant is grown clustered with others to create a mass effect in a garden. That would be a sight!
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    Calopogon tuberosa and lotus/waterlilies

    There is something about them isn't there? Nice flowers! They are all pretty.
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    White Paph. Magic Lantern

    Pretty color and I love the balance and proportions! Perfect posture!
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    Paph. Lowii

    Lovely flower, what ended up happening?
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    Paph tigrinum 'Sunset'

    Lovely tigrinum, this species has been on my wish list! Love those painted-on looking streaks along the petals.
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    Phrag. Green Hornet

    Nice flower! I like sprinkles in the middle and the fade to the dark pink on the petals.
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    Paph gratrixianum 'Ratcliffe' AM/AOC

    A nice specimen! Very worthy. I went back and looked at your Geyserland and yes it is actually even nicer than this clone!
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    Paph gratrixianum 'Geyserland' AM/AOC

    Awesome flowers and entire plant! I'm glad you were able to find a host to host these since so much was lost when photobucket kicked the bucket. Some pictures might be worth re-hosting somewhere like this.
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    Paph gratrixianum 'Geyserland' AM/AOC

    I came back to see what Geyserland looked like after you mentioned it in the Radcliffe thread, unfortunately the pix are broken. Is there any way you could repost pictures of your Geyserland so we can see the differences? Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Paphiopedilum superbiens x Saint Swithin

    I really like this one, those two petals are really nice, between the polka dots and the hairs against the background color.