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    Macroelements/microelements must be a costant ratio?

    Dear Orchid friends, The ratio of macro and microelements in a nutrient solution must be costant? In other words a solution with 100 ppm of N must have more microelements of a solution with 60 ppm of N? Or should be better if microelements were in the same amount in both solutions? Our hobby is...
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    Sodium toxic level for orchids

    I have read that for crops the toxic water level of Sodium (Na) is about 50-60 ppm. Is it tha same for orchids too? In an old article of Neptune, in "Orchids" AOS magazine, I remember that the adviced level of Na was below 10 ppm. What do you think about it? Thank you
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    Ca and Mg again

    Dear Orchids friends, Excuse me for my bad English. I need to supplement my fertilization with Ca and Mg but How is not clear. I have read very much but the argument is not clear at all. Can I supplement Ca and Mg only with Ca nitrate and Mg nitrate for a long time ? Can I mix in the same...
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    Phrag caudatum group

    Dear orchids friends what are the differences of flower morphology between phrag caudatum, phrag Wallisii and their hybrid phrag tall tails? How do you grow them? Thank you very much. Dario