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    Mailing seed, does the cold hurt them?

    I just had a paph hybrid is was able to harvest and I was wondering if the cold can hurt the seeds during mailing? The seeds were dry pod harvested. I live in Minnesota and it's been cold!
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    Buffalo Wild Wings-Blazin Challenge

    So I tried the Buffalo Wild Wings wing challenge. 12 wing covered in their Blazin sauce in 6 mins. It's around 300,000 scoville units, not to bad. However, 12 big wings in 6 mins is a lot of food. Iwas able to eat 9 wings before time ran out. I'm not a heavy eater and I don't know if I could eat...
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    Paph delenatii vinicolor (dunkel)

    This is my new vinicolored delenatii. It's darker then the pictures show but it's not like some of the soild purple ones seen lately. The petals have purple tips and the leafs have a very dark band going around the outside. It is very compact. Is delenatii usually small? The leaf span is 6...
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    Odnta. Papa Gino 'Lavender Lady'

    My wife won this at the Minnesota Orchid Society Christmas dinner. It has grown really will for me. It put out this spike with 3 blooms end of December. The blooms have been long lasting for me (so far they been open a month). They came in a very interesting mix, 50/50 CHC and large perlite...
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    Paph delenatii traits in breeding?

    Hey everyone, so I have a delenatii I have been thinking about doing a croos with. However, I'm not sure of the traits the delenatii usually passes on. I know, pavris in general, effect the shape. What about color and plant size? Anything else I should know?
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    OSM display from the St. Paul show.

    Here some pictures of the OSM display. I got to be the coordinator for the display this year. :D It took myself and 5 others (doing different things) about 5 hours to setup. Of course, there are always extra things we want to do but don't have the time to do. The exhibit won 2nd for it's class...
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    Paph Barb Hella

    I picked this up from Ross at the Winter Carnival Show (the show was very nice with 28 exhibits and 436 orchids). The plant is very healthy. It has a big leaf span, compared to some of Ross's other crosses, around 13 inches and has a second growth coming in. The bloom got a little bruised...
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    Minnesota winter carnival show, Jan 26 & 27

    Minnesota's Winter Carnival Orchid Show is coming up! Information is avaliable at http://mnslipper.com/ :clap: I'm very excited, this is my first year setting up the display table for the OSM.
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    Paph spicerianum

    Here is my new spicerianum I got in low bud. This is it's first bloom. I love the color, but so far the dorsal is not standing up very tall.
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    Separating pollen from anther?

    I have some paphs that will be blooming soon and I was thinking of making a cross. My question is what is the best/easiest way to remove the pollen mass from the anther? I know that you don't have to separate the two but I would also like to know how just incase I decide to save my pollen for my...
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    MSU and K-Lite?

    I have a few questions about the two and didn't want to hijack anyone's thread (I saw that Ray's thread is about K-Lite reviews and I have never used K-Lite). Plus, I hope this becomes informitive for others. Their is so much experience with these two fertilizers and I don't have any. 1. I...
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    Paph insigne f. sanderianum

    Here is my Paph insigne f. sanderinum x self. this was the best i could do with my cell phone (hopefully a Nikon dsl is coming for Christmas). It's a first bloom seedling with just one growth. The bloom started opening 2 days ago. I like that so far the petals are flat and not ruffled. The pouch...
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    Proper time to stake?

    So, I have done a lot of research on this but haven't found anything that explains it clearly. I know certain parts need to harden/strengthen but how long does this take. Some articles say wait for the flower to open some seem to imply you can stake earlier. Also, I could find any pictures. Any...
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    It's snowing in Wisconsin and sticking. I can't believe it. I love snow! :clap: I wonder what this winter will be like?
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    Hengduan order

    I was able to get a few goodies from the 14th International slipper symposium (I didn't get to go). The plants look really good and have huge roots (didn't take any pictures of the roots). The flask is great! lots of seedlings, good roots, and they used a harder agar so their wasn't any movement...
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    Paph Wossner Mini Star and Baily's Bid

    Here are my Paph Wossner Mini Star ( right side of the picture) and Paph Bailey's Bid (left side of the picture). I enjoy the similarity and differences between the two. The henryanum is pretty dominate for color. Paph Wossner Mini Star = (helenae x henryanum) The helenae used in the cross...