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    Anyone know

    what shows in the U.S popow orchids is at? Trying to see if they will be at one near Minnesota?
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    Phrag. Juan Alberto Arias

    Does anyone have a pic of this in bloom? Also can you find this cross for sale in the U.S?
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    Phrag pollen

    Looking to get Phrag pollen to cross with a 4N Bel Royal. Would really love kovachii or besseae pollen but that might be a long shot! Anything would be fun to try though!
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    Phrag. popowii

    Loving this one! bbva atm near me
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    Kelp meal

    Has anyone ever tried top dressing with it? From my knowledge of it seems like a nice organic source of trace elements and amino acids.
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    What is this?

    Could someone help with identifying what this is and how to treat it? My guess was bacteria.
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    Phrag. besseae

    Where is a good place to get a besseae? I've seen them for around $30 but they are always sold out.
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    First bloom Rothschildianum

    First bloom on paph. Rothschildianum[/url][/IMG]
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    A few Blizzard Blooms

    Hopefully pictures post okay, it's been a while. [/url][/IMG] [/url][/IMG]
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    Paph. Sanderianum advice

    Well I gave the best girlfriend! Told me today she knew it's my dream orchid and she got me one for Valentine's day. Any advice on care?
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    Paph. venustum Alba

    Picked this up today at the winter orchid carnival for $25 I thought I got a good deal :) [/url][/IMG]
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    Nothing amazing but I'm happy as it is my 3rd paph I've been able to rebloom now![/url][/IMG]
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    Wholesale orchid vendors

    Trying to find a good wholesale orchid vendor for the nursery I work for. Seems like many places only do wholesale to the big box stores. Any suggestions are appreciated :)
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    Mini humidifier suggestions

    Looking for suggestions on a mini humidifier to put in my enclosed Orchid structure. I was looking at a water bottle humidifier but not sure if the output will be enough.
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    Shin-Yi Sanders

    Curious how long the petals can get on this with all the sanderianum background? If anyone has pictures I'd love to see them. I just ordered one from tenshin gardens to pick up at the Mn orchid show. :drool:
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    Got two questions on it. My first is 30% okay during the winter? That is the lowest percent it gets during the day with my current set up. Question two. Is to much hummidity bad for paphs? I have some com pots and a small seedling in a hummidity dome that averages 95% hummidity. Is that to...
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    Looks like it took!

    My lowii x sanderianum cross.
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    What's a good systemic fungicide?

    What is a good one to use? Also should I wait till after it finishes flowering? It is in spike now. Thanks all :)
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    Paph. lowii and willhenianii seed pod

    How many months before either would be ready for green pod? I heard 4-5 for lowii but was going to wait around 7 months for both.
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    Pic of lowii x sanderianum?

    Any one have a pic if how this cross comes out? I currently attempted to make it and it appears that it took. Very curious how the flowers turn out :) I found pics of MK x lowii but no sanderianum x lowii I'm guessing they will look similar? :)