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    Will anyone grow paph in such a strong light?

    I am going to change the growing strategies for my multiflorals paph this year and use strong lights to grow some of the multi floral paph. For gigantifolium, supardii, sanderianum and their hybrids, low light is still used. I think in particular for Philippinese, roths, kolopakingii and...
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    Some sequential blooming paphs

    There are glaucophyllum, chamberlanianum (both from the nature and seedling), moquetteanum from the nature (the flower looks different from seedling plants we see in the market), victoria mariae and dodyanum. Enjoy!
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    Paph. Mount Toro album

    This is not the right time for its blooming. The weather is too hot causing fewer flower count, smaller flower and lighter in color.
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    Paph. stonei “Prince” x “Queen”

    One of the best sibling cross in the market. This one is not the best but with exotic coloration. Enjoy!
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    Paph. Saint Swithin “莊苑”

    It is the first time for me to bloom it with 6 flowers. I do not know how to translate the clone’s name into English but it comes from the same series of the clone ‘Spring Swallow’. Both are still high grade SS in the market. Enjoy!
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    Paph. laevigatum “in charm”

    This is a division of the captioned clone from in charm orchid nursery in Taiwan. This clone can produce up to 5 flowers per spike under the owner’s culture but I can only do 3 this year. Lots of improvement on my culture skills are expected.
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    Old school rothschildianum

    An old school roths. The flower count, color and shape is nice but the size of it is doing a dead bowl on its cultural value. The roths in Taiwan is improving too fast in recent years, that making those old school roths fades out rapidly. Anyway, for sharing please.
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    Paph. kolopakingii var. topperi

    I have been growing it for more than 6 years, from a single growth to a big clump. This clump of monster appears to be happy recently and produces me 2 tall spikes with totally 14 flowers this year. One for 8 and the other for 6. The flowers are larger than normal clones in the market and...
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    Some multiflorals blooming

    There are species and hybrid. Enjoy, and more will be coming soon.
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    Paph. victoria mariae

    This one keeps blooming and blooming. I also shoot the plants I am cultivating. They are looking happy. I know many hobbyists are frustrated in growing this species in Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, I think it is much easier compared with anitum, randsii etc. they are growing speedy. My growing...
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    Is it a Paph. lyannie

    The seller sold me as richardianim but it definitely not. However, it seems does not like a ordinary lowii also, just wonder if it is lowii’s variety, lyannie. Any enlightenment is much appreciated.
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    Paph. victoria mariae

    A less common sequential blooming species. Just enjoy!
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    Paph. gigantifolium

    These are the gigantifolium I have successfully bloomed. I have 5 blooming gigantifolium originally, but 2 spikes are blasted because of poor green house management of the site owner. So only 3 can bloom finally.
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    Paph. Hung Sheung Eagle

    From iweishen’s breeding line. This clone is well performed.
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    Paph. intaniae

    Cultivated for a year as an adult plant and it blooms to me.
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    Paph. stoneis

    Blooming of stonei means the blooming season of multifloral paphs has come to an end. Here are the stoneis I have bloomed this year, some are blooming now while some were blooming earlier. Except the first one, all are first bloom and have strong potential for great improvements in future...
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    Paph. kolopakingii

    2 spikes with a total of 12 flowers this year. I am happy about it’s performance.
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    Paph. rothschildianum

    DS: 5.8, NS: 27.5 DS: 6.1, NS: 26.5 - first bud blasted due to unknown reason, so only 2 are blooming.
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    Two multiflorals

    MK (cold weather causing short petals) Unknown secondary multi hybrid
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    2 stoneis

    Mainshow breeding line (Cold weather causing poor flower spacing) “The Queen” x self