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    Phrags: pot sit in water or not?

    I water them once a week by soaking them in filtered water for ten minutes and give them half strength fertilizer (shultz) every second watering,starting 2 weeks ago I also have them under full spectrum glow lights. One which is a phrag. Geralda is in bloom as we speak
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    Phrags: pot sit in water or not?

    Yes I have them all in 70% orchiata and 30% new Zealand spagnum
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    Phrags: pot sit in water or not?

    I have three phrags sitting in water and three phrags not sitting in water and if you would ask me which ones do better I would have to say they are performing the same in my opinion it doesn't make any difference
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    Fall Sale!

    Beautiful Phrag, are you planning to ever export to Canada. It would be nice.I have a phrag Geralda in bloom right now