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    There is an Orchid Fest coming end of June MA

    I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this yet: Amherst Orchid Society "New England Summer Orchid Fest" June 23 - 24, 2017 bulbophyllum@myfairpoint.net Location Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School, 80 Locust St. (Rt. 9), Northampton, MA
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    Awesome looking- saw on 3bay

    I never heard of these species before but I wonder if Eric knows the seller as these ones are in NY NY. "monstermountain" has chiwuanum, sangii, anitum, robinsonianum. Gorgeous wish I could afford the $$
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    New Mount- Spagnum/Epiweb Substitute???

    I have either lost it or struck gold. :crazy: I was having a heck of a time locating a source of "Epiweb" in the US. Spent several days looking on web for "industrial abrasives/brown scotch brite/PET scour pads/Stainless steel polishes/ etc etc. I understand the epiweb is a tough but dependable...
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    Winter Fever

    Hi, I just joined. I live in upstate NY, and am an avid rose grower and gardener. I grew orchids back in the early 1990's (encyclia, maxilarria, paphs, catt hybrids etc), and then when I moved I never kept up the hobby. I am getting really tired of waiting for gardening season to start again...